My Support System

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My Support System

Friends - I don't have any.
Family - Dad sees it as a moral / willpower issue. Sisters have their immediate families to worry about and probably just don't care. Brother is stuck in his addictions.
Support Groups - people there don't like me much

I pretty much have SR, therapy, relapse prevention classes, and Antabuse.

Just thought I would share. A week for me is good stuff. I'm happy I stopped.
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Hang in there. The most helpful support I have found is inside of me. I have always felt let-down or just a separateness from other people. This is part of why I gravitated to drugs and alcohol: substances made me feel bullet-proof emotionally like I didn't need anyone.

Keep coming here and know that you are not alone. I am the only one in my family that has chosen sobriety; I am not the only person in my family with issues. People aren't always happy when you choose to get healthy. Don't give up.

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I agree w you. I don't have any support other than SR. My main defense against relapse is me.

It has taken me such a long long time to normalize that i never want to deal w those phases again.

My AA group is there for me if i need them. Folks all have lives and issues. Everyone has demons and issues. Everyone.

I revel in my sobriety because i remember how physically and mentally damaged i was.

What are you looking for in the way of support?

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If you have this site for support then you have a gold mine. There really is no better place to be for expression and anonymity. Even though we are a bunch of Avatars with fake names, we are real people who have gone through similar experiences and you dont ever have to leave the comfort of your home.

My own face to face support is limited. I dont talk of my recovery to many people. Its just not a part of the conversation. People have their ideas and their own conclusions and i would rather not go there.

I empower myself daily and believe in my own decision making process. This belief in myself has helped immensely. I dont feel powerless. Powerless= Unable to do something or stop something. That definition does not apply to what we ALL are doing to remain sober and live productive lives. I use this forum as my #1 source of recovery.

Stick around and post often. We are your support.
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We're here for you!
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We talk about being beyond human aid in AA. My sponsor had a saying " people have feet of clay" What it means is that all things human will eventually fail us. It happened this week. Turned up at a group meeting. It wasn't there. The group had closed. Couldn't rely on them being there if I needed them. Called an AA friend but he wasn't home. The internet was down so I couldn't get to sr at that time. Sponsor died, so he can't be reached. And my memory was well,known to be completely ineffective at certain times, as a defence.

I'm sure you get the idea. It is in the abcs. Probably no human power could relieve our alcoholism, and even the most dedicated humans cannot be there 24/7, without fail when we need them, and always say or do exactly the right thing to save us. It is just impossible. But god could and would if he were sought. That is where my 24/7 defence comes from, and it has been totally reliable.
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