Alright Dust Mites you made the Resentment List

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Alright Dust Mites you made the Resentment List

Hey there SR!
Kind of a funny title i guess. I can't really complain about too many things lately but these little critters have been driving me batty. I think i need to wash my sheets and blankets again along with a vacuuming of the mattress. These are things i used to drink over but now instead of drinking i come here to my family. I've got a plan..look out critters! Lol

Today is Day 110 and for the most part things have been going good. I'm knee deep in Step 4 which is good. It feels good to put things on paper that really drove me to drink. I have been having cravings here and there lately but i dismiss them as my body would a toxin.

Lately i've felt a little bored with life although it is really "full" right now which is a good thing. I've got a steady job, a great girlfriend, a place to live and a truck. I think i need to find another hobby. I love the outdoors and sports but lately those things have been feeling a little stale if you know what i mean.

I guess that's it! Oh and if anyone has any suggestions on how to get rid of dustmites i'm all ears ; )

Thanks and have a great Friday!
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Buy a new mattress and get one of those mattress bags? I read some horrible statistic about how the average mattress has 25 pounds of dust mites, human skin cells, and general schmutz in it.

Congratulations on your 110 days!
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Mattress bag!
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definitely fully closed mattress cover, plus one for each pillow. have at least two sets of linens and wash regularly, and don't forget to wash the mattress cover. if possible, haul the mattress outside on a sunny day and let it enjoy some direct sun. however be careful that no part of the mattress can get damp!!!

remember the lil bastards can live in carpet and curtains too.
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