Different activity to do when you get a craving?

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Different activity to do when you get a craving?

Today is day one for me (again) after about a million times of trying to quit. I can manage to go several days to a week without drinking but I'm so sick of drinking and pissed off with myself that I can't seem to quit long term. Is there any behavior or activity any of you have used that has helped you quit drinking? I know for me, some of the reason I drink is because I think it's going to help me in social settings, so it's best for me to just avoid social situations where there will be alcohol for now. But a lot of the time when I decide to buy alcohol, it's because I'm bored, stressed, whatever, and think that having a drink will help to pass the time. I keep trying to find something else to do, like going on a walk, bike ride, or something like that when I feel like drinking, but I can't seem to stop myself from getting a drink before hand. Is there anything that has been really helpful for you to stop yourself or an activity you've found that can motivate you to do sober instead? I'm ready to quit and I need to have a plan in place for something else to do when I get the urge to drink.
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I personally used alcohol as my coping mechanism (failed of course) for anything in life, so I didn't have any specific "triggers" - I drank all the time, every day.

If you are literally having difficulty deciding what to do instead of drinking, perhaps a recovery group locally might be of assistance? Having local support and phone numbers to call at a moments notice can really help until you can get to the point where the urges to drink aren't so strong. Or try spending some more time here - there is almost always someone online 24/7 that can help "talk you down" or walk you through times that you get those urges.

If you haven't yet, this is also a great thread to read when you are looking for "something to do".

Another key concept to recognize is that when we think we are "bored" - it's really not that we are bored - it's our addition being unhappy that we cannot drink. Thinking about it fundamentally that way can help too...remind yourself that it's not boredom - it's addiction talking. And we are perfectly able to tell it to go "take a hike" and choose another activity instead.
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Welcome NME,

What works for me is having a daily routine and sticking to it. Every morning I start the day by making my bed, taking vitamins, journaling and reading here (sometimes posting) on SR. Then, I get some form of exercise (30min - 1hr), shower and start my day. After dinner I go for a walk (15-20min), read more on SR, a book I'm reading, watch a movie on Netflix, call a friend, maybe take another shower, get into something comfortable, cup of tea and off to bed. Repeat.

They key is to keep yourself busy and do things that make you feel good.
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Counselling, meetings, art, a walk, HALT, have a shower, distract, clean, wash, gardening, read a book, listen to music, the beach.....anything but drink. POST HERE- STRAIGHT AWAY!
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I walked and walked and walked in early sobriety. I had no booze in the house - whenever I got antsy I just got in the car and headed straight to a state park near my house and put on a few miles. I had (still have) an interlock device in my car, so I can't drive with alcohol in my system. That was a great deterrent in early days (now it's just a pain, because I haven't had a drink in almost two and a half years).

But really, anything you can do to distract yourself until that urge passes will help. Play a game on your phone. Call someone you haven't talked to in a while. Go to a meeting, if you're willing to try AA. Try meditation. Cook something complicated. Take up crocheting or knitting. Do a jigsaw puzzle. There are literally thousands of things you can do other than drinking.
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Here are some great suggestions for dealing with cravings
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My cravings were mostly in the evening so it was an easy choice for me. Since I'm so darn tired all the time I just go to bed! Wake up the next morning and start all over again.
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The very first thing I do is acknowledge that I'm having an urge -- I've stopped in mid-step before and said "that's an urge" aloud (it's like birdwatching, but for alcohol cravings). Once I acknowledge it, I reject it. After it passes, I move on to something like exercise, woodwork or yardwork.
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