Day 11 important insight

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Day 11 important insight

So I am currently on Day 11. In the past couple of years, I have had 10.5 and 5.5 months sober. But I am realizing something now as I have been struggling with sleep on my current sobriety. I was taking more than the recommended dosage of over the counter sleeping pills sometimes during those 2 sobrieties. And I am now realizing that I truly was not sober by taking those pills, which is probably why I ended up relapsing anyways. I have not taken them in the past 11 days despite struggling with sleep and have even thrown them away. I think I had realized the connection between drinking and taking those pills (which even gave somewhat of a hangover in the morning). I know that if I truly want to get this and work on being sober, I am going to have to cope with the sleepless nights until something changes. And it was so coincidental that after I realized this, I read somewhere online on an addiction website that someone considered himself sober when not drinking, taking sleeping pills or taking NyQuil (I wasn't taking Nyquil though because of the alcohol), which goes to show that there was something to my insight. Those pills were sort of alcohol in pill form.
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From what I have read, many sleep aids (and alcohol) interfere with slow wave sleep and REM sleep. Even though they make you sleep, your brain is not getting a chance to do all the stuff it is supposed to be doing while you are asleep.
One of the best things for me about being sober (I just passed my 3 month point) is the quality of sleep I am getting. I love it.
I did not sleep well my first month or so, however. So if you are newly sober it takes a little time for your brain to relax enough to sleep well.
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Speaking of sleep aids, I recently tried that Sleepytime Extra by Celestial Seasonings.

I'm sure if used properly it would help with sleep with no side-effect.


Being an addict, I, of course, loaded my cup up with five bags instead of the recommended one.

Had to get up in the middle of the night and found myself shuffling instead of walking, and the next morning I had the worst "hangover" without even drinking.

I guess the takeaway is that, to an addict, ANYTHING can and will be abused(!)
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This is important to take note of and share... I totally agree with you sharing that info and support it... but I would also like to give a different perspective to someone in their first few days...

In my case the lack of sleep when I tried to quit drinking 6 years ago was really debilitating and did not at all help my recovery.

In the first few days of recovery, this time around, I made absolutely no bones whatsoever about taking the regular dose recommended of Benedryl (same ingrediant used in many sleep aid stuff you find over the counter at drug stors) if i couldnt sleep at bed time.
It definitely helped me sleep, and personally, I have no noticeable hangover from it.

The past three nights (during my now two weeks of sobriety) I fell asleep no problem and didnt even THINK about the benadryl sitting by my bed. Didnt need it. I was asleep faster than I could think of not sleeping.

My sleep cycle is adjusted now, and I have no reason to use the Benadryl, nor do I.

I never took more than two before bed when I felt I needed it to sleep. I never feel high taking it. I just felt sleepy faster.

And... the hump is over with so i simply dont need to use it now.

Just an FYI to others. Its someting you must weigh out for yourselves individually.

I am also still smoking cigarettes like a fiend, but I am not going to quit those till I have more sober time. No way. One at a time.
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Yes, I was taking more than the suggested dosage to knock myself out, so I was pretty much cutting corners and doing something whose function was similar to why I used alcohol - to knock me out. We all add our own drugs in addition to the alcohol to define our sobriety, and it's just a matter of being honest with ourselves. I have now appropriately added over the counter sleeping pills to my list.
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I used to use Tylenol PM to ease the alcohol headaches and then later when I was trying to quit. I agree that things like that make matters worse and hinder the healing recovery process.

I do chamomile, but two bags in a big mug.
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As long as people are able to take the appropriate dosage and for a particular reason, it can be okay. It's when we abuse the substances that our sobriety becomes in jeopardy.
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