Concentration issues and making a plan for the evening

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Concentration issues and making a plan for the evening

I'm struggling to concentrate at work. I went to the grocery store at lunch and bought some healthy options for eating over the next few days. I need a plan for tonight to keep from drinking so here it goes.

When I get off I will go to the gym. Then I will take the groceries home, pick up the dogs and take them to the beach. Afterwards I will come home and prepare a nice healthy dinner. Then read the link Dee sent that talks about making a plan to avoid drinking when things get tough. If I have time left over I will tidy the house before going bed.

I will make it through day 3 sober.
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I understand the trouble concentrating thing, as a student, but I personally have far more difficulty concentrating when I do drink!

I had a short day of school so I had to plan to stay busy afterwards. I went to the store for a few things, made an appointment to have my vehicle inspected, I got some cleaning done, then sat outside to study.. so far I have chatted with my neighbor, texted a friend and got on here. I am enjoying the beautiful weather anyway.

I have an 8pm newcomers open discussion meeting. So between now and then I'll chill outside and maybe clean a bit later.

Cooking is a good thing to do to fill up your time.
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I'm pretty sure my lack of concentration is a withdrawal issue. I usually can concentrate without any issues. I must stay on track today. Only 1 hour 15 minutes til I hit the gym. I'm looking forward to it. Maybe it will perk me up a bit.

The beach will be nice. It's cloudy so the sun won't be beating down on me and the dogs. Hopefully I can find their long leash so they can really explore.
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I am so jealous that you live close to a beach amazing to be able to take an evening stroll on the beach with your dogs...listening and watching the waves...I love being near moving water...I find it so relaxing and calming...Enjoy 💜
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Sounds like a good plan, Sinderos. Give the puppers a hug from me.
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