We've spent HOW MUCH on alcohol!!!???

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We've spent HOW MUCH on alcohol!!!???

OK, so after a couple of false starts I'm on day 4 and feeling pretty good. The cravings are strong, but so far managing pretty well.

My husband is also a heavy drinker, I don't know if he's an alcoholic or not...only he knows what goes on inside his head and how much of his time is consumed of thoughts of drinking etc. But he drinks too much. He admits this. We've been trying to cut back/moderate etc together for aaaaaggggggeeeeessss, but my decision for sobriety has been made alone.

Anyway....I've just added up roughly what we've spent on alcohol in the last 12 months..... $5562.36 (AUD)......NOT INCLUDING ANYTHING PAID FOR IN CASH. So, it could be upwards of $6-7K. (For those in the US it's $5562.36 = $4100 USD).

This may give him the kick up the butt he needs. We cannot keep living this way. We cannot afford this. Not to mention what it's doing to our health.
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It's scary when you add it all up isn't it?

I've never tallied up how much I've spent over the years but I have a rough idea of how much each week.

Suffice to say I'm looking forward to having a bit more money and not having to choose which bill not pay each month so I can drink.
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Yep, so scary tidytemper....where have my priorities been
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Say cheese!
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Yeah i know how much i have spent and its bad i dont know how i have survived. Here to starting a new saving x
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It's horrid Isn't it !

I'm only day 48 - saved 866..add that to 42 days not smoking at 760 as well

Yikes !!
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30,000 in 5 years (that includes cigs too). I live in a major city and only bought what I needed for that day. It's disgusting
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Yes...and then there's the fact that we spent after tax dollars on booze.

My sobriety calculator says I've saved $ a 30% tax rate, that means we had to earn nearly $5000 just for me to drink...and I drank the cheap stuff and at home.

Shocking, isn't it?
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It's really eye opening. Last night I asked hubby to guess how much I'd calculated and he said $3k....he was rather shocked when I told him the actual figure.
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i couldnt even come close to adding up what i spent on alcohol and drugs, but knowing that wouldnt have shocked me into sobriety.
i had to want to get sober.
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It is scary when you tally it up.

I went to a debt advisor a year or so ago and when we went through my expenditure, the money I spent in one calendar month on alcohol, I could have bought a PS4.

My ultimate goal is too start saving the money I used to blow on drink and go see my friend in Indiana again. It's been two years since I was last over.
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Meh. This is one area where my cheapness kicked in. I probably spent about 10 bucks a week, maybe 20, tops. I wish it would have been more so I could feel justified buying some other things.
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It is frightening when I think of the money I wasted on alcohol!!
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Roughly $50,000 over the last 10 years.
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since i cleaned up 4 months ago work has actually been kind of slow. i am self employed so t comes and goes, but i am really only working part time right now. but even so, i find i have so much more disposable cash than i did before. bills are getting paid, im even taking care of some older debt and at the same time i am able to buy concert tickets and other novelties on a whim and not really worry about it. money stress overall has gone way down even though im actually making less than when i was drinking, it's pretty cool.
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Yep. And on top of this the drunk me wouldn't think twice about getting a round in for 40. And he wouldn't even remember handing over the 80 for the gram of coke later. An 'average' Friday night could see my bank 200+ down. I feel sick to the stomach when I think of this, and the arguments it caused with my wife, and the clothes & holidays etc that could have been.

I'm using this sick feeling as a tool now whenever I think about picking up a drink!
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My sobriety app says USD 2200 saved on my 117 days of sobriety!
Jeeeezzzz how much I love my sobriety
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...and that is why it is legal american the govt makes money off your first beer, the fancy rehab visits, your hospital visits, and your funeral. Since you die at 65....they don't have to pay you SS.

They take the good w the bad.
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