Cravings at unexpected times of day

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Cravings at unexpected times of day

I'm into my second week of no alcohol. My habit was to drink wine late at night, so I'm used to cravings in the late afternoon, early evening. Lately though, I'm getting them midday. I'm timing how long they last, noting the time of day, trying to ride them out or distract myself. It seems to happen a lot when I'm driving, when I can't do much else. I've read the threads on cravings. I'd guess I just need to let more time go by. Anyone have any other suggestions?
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Remember that cravings are just feelings and don't have to become actions. The longer you're sober, the fewer cravings you'll have.
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I've found that more time does help.
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cravings are like hot the time it feels endless and awful, and you want to crawl out of your skin (or your clothes, the window)........and then, poof, it's over.

that's the thing about cravings, they are not endless, they are finite. they exist for limited periods of time, then they go away. now they might come back quickly, but again, they will retreat. we just have to hang in there. and don't do anything stupid.
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