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Rereading old notes

I was looking through old notes today and stumbled across one dated 4/8/15. It says:

"I've decided that I will never drink again. I'm done, I give up. I am positive I can do this."

That was five days after my last drink. It gave me chills to remember where I was at and how I never want to go back to that place.

If you're new to recovery and reading this, hang in there, believe in yourself, you will succeed.
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Congrats to you!

Here's my first post in April 15:
"Howdy do April.
Posted my 2nd day with no booze today. Noticed the April bus and saw a seat open, so here I am

I'm jumping on board after losing my family, my job, and about to enter bankruptcy all due to making bad decisions while chasing a buzz.

Bad times meant more drinking to eventually putting vodka in my coffee in the morning to put anxiety at ease.

Over the past few weeks, I've cut down do about half a pint of vodka a day with binges and a day off or two.

Today I am not drinking. Because today, I AM IN CONTROL!"

I never want to return to that state either. Everything is soo much better now. Problems come, but I respond to them and make them go away.

I've grown more in 2yrs than I did the 48yrs before that. Not even comparable.

It takes some faith. Faith that it can be done, and faith that it will be better. Find that faith, or just jump in and find out for yourself.

Make yesterday a past that you will never want to repeat again. Make today a day that you can be proud of. Go to bed knowing you did something to move forward. Every day counts, every minute counts!

Just do it! I was severely depressed and desperate. I thought I needed to drink to escape the pain, but in all reality, drinking was causing the pain.

Finding out for yourself. Just stop the madness. Take it one day at a time, or one minute at a time. All you have to do, at all costs, is simply not drink.

Everything else works itself out. The universe will provide. The only action you need to take is to stop. Just stop.
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Congrats on your sober time 1983ritag

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The vodka in my coffee took me back.

Then it was vodka straight from the bottle upon waking.

I shudder at how close to the point of no return I came.

Thanks for these reminders today.

Thanks for helping me stay sober today.
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Some good reading here
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