sober for 6 months - question

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sober for 6 months - question


I've been sober (alcohol) for 6 months now. I've recently started to dream about drinking. Curious if anyone else has experienced this and will this type of craving ever stop? I get great sleep now and I remember my dreams for the first time years.

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Yep! All the time! If something like drinking is on your mind chances are you'll muse over it in dreams as well. It's nothing strange at all. Hope that helps!
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All I can give is my experience. Yes, they stop. I not only had drinking dreams, I would wake up with a 'false' hangover. I actually felt and thought I was hungover for a couple of minutes. Very strange.
Hang in there and sweet dreams. And congratulations on six months.
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dreaming does NOT mean craving. The adulty brain is crammed full of memories- sights, sounds, emotions, facts and experiences. I see all of that in my drems like someone has torn all the pages out of every book in a library out and a giant wind has mixed them all up. Then we look at what is there.
A frog next to a shuttle serving apple pie to a mountain. Mixed up stuff- a mind reconnecting,, rebooting- rewiring.
I often dream of booze- horrible memories of my dead bro (organ failure- booze when he was 42). Dreams cannot hurt. The feelings on waking up need to be grounded back into the real world- breathing- touch something solid. Listen to the world around me.
Dreams can be crap tho. They are not real. They can bring up anything, anytime. 6 months- 30 years. If too worried- talk to a professional.
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I have been sober for 2 years four and a half months but I still get them, just not as frequently as I once did. They are most disconcerting and as Ghostlight mentioned they can even come with false hangovers but fear not - they do not seem to presage a relapse.

I expect they are just a warning from our subconscious to stay away.
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I am 447 days sober and have gotten them at times. I haven't had a lot that I remember, though a couple ones early on were the kind that jolted me awake and gave sheer relief when I realized they were just dreams! Around 9 or 10 months I think, I had a couple of the kind of dreams that juxtapose things that exist in areas of your life that have no connection, you know? Or have parts that are real (ie, I have been to Augusta National and I have had Corona in my life) and not (ie, I don't have a sister nor did I ever get caught drinking champagne there)....

My sleep has progressed to pretty normal, with some dreams I remember. Time helps everything. Keep going!
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I had the same thing at almost exactly 6 months. I didn't have any drinking dreams until that 6 mo mark. Then I woke up thinking I messed up, but "whew" type.

I fell off the wagon shortly after at a Christmas party, but that was my mistake and had nothing to do with the dreams. I even called my parents and friends to ask about if I should pick up a beer. I called the wrong person... then made the wrong choice. 5 years have gone by, and I barely remember any of it...
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