Another day

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Another day

So I've made it another day sober. I've also managed to keep track of my food intake and stay within my goals for 3 days now. So that is good.

I don't know how others feel about cell phone carriers these days, but they tick me off so much that I really wanted a drink today. I spent an hour + on the phone with them yesterday and today because I wanted to deactivate a line, which I have fulfilled an agreement on. It was very frustrating to say the least. I missed my fav show b/c of this, Survivor. It's the only show I make sure I'm home for and really watch.

Knowing how frustrated I was, and that we don't have to get up early tomorrow, my husband asked if I wanted to split a six pack. I declined nicely and he didn't ask again and just got water instead.

I'm finally calm now but I really wanted to slap a few people around at the cell phone company. Maybe one day, I'll make things easier for people by having my own company!!
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I hear you. Cell phone providers really can bring out the animal in me.

Good to hear you declined the alcohol.
Keep moving forward.
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Feed your head
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J-I am going thru something like that, with govt. people. Dozens of times- with no tangible result. To jus accept and let go of the feelings of frustration and that want- 'need' of a drink is vital to deal with each and every time. The world does not owe me a living. So well done- there will always be something. To be able to bcope with the silly stuff helps build up resilience in dealing with important stuff- like life. health. family etc.
Your TV show- I am sure you will find a way to watch it. Same with me.
Each and every time this happens ( 7 times with govt today- not unusual) I go back to basic default -HALTDS. Then mindful breathing and record what it is that is distressing me. Date/time/who/where/why. Then I distract- do something else and make sure I deal with my feelings- there and then- not put it off. That only leads of very negative thinking. Ii try to read back, to see if my plan (daily and recovery) needs to be upgraded. Also if happy with the outcome- it provides myself with a reminder that when in the future- when the next crap thing happens, I have reached at least peace of mind.
Good for you.
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