Day 18 - someone remind me about dark days

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Speaking for myself, but maybe you can see some of yourself here:

- almost intolerable hangover with nausea and shaking
- extreme anxiety and depression because the bender screwed up my brain chemistry
- spending two days recovering from the last bender, and that's two day lost to doing nothing but suffering
- regretting all the money spent while drinking
- realizing I drove while I had been drinking and that I had flirted with other dangers while drinking
- etc. etc.

The cost for a few drinking isn't worth it the cost I have to pay after the bender.
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Also, remind yourself of the opposite;

- being sober when you go to sleep tonight (not passing out)
- waking up without a hangover, fresh and ready to start the day
- no regrets from the day or night before
- remembering what you did the day and night before
- the money saved
- the self-respect gained for staying sober another day
- no additional alcohol related damage to your brain and body
- no worries about DUI's or other alcohol related legal issues
- etc. etc.
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to make it really visceral - eat a can of spaghettio's - then go to the restroom, kneel down in front of the toilet, and stick your finger down your throat.

THAT is the kind of FUN you are missing out ON!

sorry, went a little shock and awe there........
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I have been sober for 28 months and I find that the best way to experience the feelings of early recovery is to read and post on the Newcomers thread. The rawness of the emotions expressed bring it all back.
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Fuzziness, tongue feels like the bottom of a birdcage, smell like a distillery, terrified to drive anywhere after 7 p.m., so you're trapped at home, hiding from people knocking on the door, hiding from friends, worrying about bills, lying to your employer, lying to yourself, gaining weight, obsessively worrying if your liver is damaged, . . . ring any bells?
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Originally Posted by rainyengland View Post
Seems a age since I quit but only day 18

The bad memories are fading ..I need a kick up backside and quick ! 😡
Ah just enough time to careful not to romance the drink! One's too many and a thousand is never enough! I read on here a while back something to the effect of 'pay the piper now, or pay the piper later.......but either way you'll have to pay'...idk why but for some reason that one helps me pass by the corner liquor store.....and trying to not get a case of the 'f$ck it's'. Keep eating right and being kind to yourself.........
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