New & wishing for recovery.

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Unhappy New & wishing for recovery.

Hi all.

I'm new here (obviously), and I would really like to get some support with my addictions and mental health issues. I won't go into detail yet, but I've been struggling with mental illness for most of my life, and ever since a suicide attempt almost 5 years ago I have been suffering with a few addictions.

Currently, I'm having a relapse with alcoholism and self harm, as well as trying (but failing) to beat a long-term caffeine addiction. Any support is welcome, and I'd like to think I might have some practical advice for a few others.

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Glad you're here, slowburn. SR can help with deal with these things, welcome!
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Welcome Slowburn, I'm glad you found us.

Quite a few of us have mental health issues, along with addiction, as one often leads to the other. Self-medicating with alcohol or drugs is one way of dealing with these problems. Of course, there are other more healthy and effective ways to manage life. You will find lots of support here.
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I have mental health issues, too. Serious ones. I self- medicated for many years until I finally got professional help.
I had turned, by then, into a bad alcoholic.
Medication worked for my mental health, but I had to deal with the drinking also and on my own.
I found AA and it was a life saver. I found this place.
It's been over six years now since I've had a drink and have learned through therapy how to handle my mental health issues.
So, sobriety is possible for people like us.
I'm pretty heavy on the caffeine. I need to cut back, but one thing at a time.

Best to you and you're not alone.
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Glad to meet you, Slowburn. I'm sorry for the pain you've suffered. I hope talking things over here will help. As Ghostlight said, you're not alone - and we care.
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