Getting Through The Dark Times

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Getting Through The Dark Times

I don't know about the rest of you, but for me I was perhaps most tempted to turn to a substance when I felt down....something to pick me up and get me through....just get me through....but we all know how THAT turns out!

So, there is this song that just seemed to capture the feelings and the experience better than I could ever put into words. And when I tapped into this song I felt it described how I felt at one of my lowest times....also a time of needing to (finally) let go....really let go...not sort of let go....finally be free of it clear and honest. I had sort of let go on previous attempts....but in all honesty on those previous attempts I wasn't really and truly letting go....I was still hanging on by a thread.

Then I finally DID let go...and that's when I started feeling BETTER for reals....and then changes happened in my life more readily....REAL, lasting changes.

All this time
it was staring me in the face
I was so far gone
I could have ended it right there
I was dead in the ring, lost in the race
All this time
it was with me when I was nowhere

Well it cuts the deepest
when you watch it moving in
And there ain't nothing
you can do to turn it round
There ain't no armor can save you then
Love takes no prisoners
on this battleground

And letting go
is the hardest part
When holding on
has been everything
Well I have this pain deep in my heart
That's why I sing,
that's why I sing

Cut me open
when I'm dead and gone
You'll see this one ring,
stained dark as wine
This was always to be part of my story
Not yours but mine,
not yours but mine

And letting go
is the hardest part
Holding on,
some semblance of control
Well I have this pain deep in my heart
But I am still whole,
I am still whole

And I will waste my heart on fear no more
I will find a secret bell and make it ring
And let the rest be washed up on the shore
They can't be tamed, these wilder things
No, they can't be tamed, these wilder things

by Ruth Moody

That part that says, "That's why I sing." Wow. I can relate to that! But-that very last paragraph: That gave/gives such fear holds one back to often. And, there are things we will not tame. It's best to let them go.................
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Thank you
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Wow, this really spoke to me. Thank you!
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