Can't seem to stop

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Can't seem to stop

I'm back on here again.

I had nearly two years sober and have been relapsing for the last 2 years with a few short sober periods.

My drinking/drug use is currently at its worst ever. I am attending an NA group but normally still go out using afterwards because of something stupid, like being invited for pizza and then thinking I'll have a beer. And then waking up soaked in vomit and having missed the morning of work because I can never have just one drink. AND I KNOW THAT. SO WHY DO I CONTINUE DOING THIS?

I am living abroad by myself, my NA group is in spanish so it's difficult for me to express myself properly there, but it does help. I had 15 days sober.

I don't know how to stop
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Welcome back, kamaua.

I am sorry to hear that you have been struggling.

How did you achieve your prior sobriety? Did you have a solid plan?

There is a very good SR thread on the importance of a plan.

I'll post a link in a moment.
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As promised:
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Welcome back kamaua
Why not use this site a little more?

Check out our Class of April support thread - all you need to do to join is post - become a regular - use the support

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Welcome back, Kamaua!

You an get back to sobriety and feel good about yourself and your life. You can always find support here, so keep reading and posting.
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