My first sober (rock) concert :)

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My first sober (rock) concert :)

It was Radiohead - and I have loved that band for a long time. My 17 year old saw them for the first time with me tonight.

I just had to share with you guys how beautiful it was to enjoy that amazing show completely sober, relaxed and in my right mind. My heart is full, I am so happy and so very grateful.
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Love this! Great job and so happy for you!
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That's awesome madgirl! Isn't it great to be able to enjoy music clear headed? I had a similar experience my 2nd week sober (replace radio head with Willie Nelson, lol). Glad you enjoyed the concert
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I'm glad you had a memorable night madgirl

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That is the very thing, Dee - I remember the entire experience today!
Just posted the update to share the "milestone" or whatever with you guys.
Full disclosure: I was NOT in a place mentally where I could safely attend a concert like that six months ago. I just hit a year on March 15, and I still took a hard look at the whole situation before getting tickets.
I have been transparent with my son and the fact he was there and also that sober just plain feels better in every way made it "safe" for me to attend.
People were drinking, sure, but I didn't really see anyone getting black out drunk. It was eye opening to realize truly and really most people don't go to the extremes I did - even at a concert.
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Wishes for many more sober memories
as they add up each day you remain sober.

Those are gifts and blessings to cherish,
appreciate and forever be grateful for.


My first sober concert was Don Henley
of the Eagles. I won tickets on the radio
and had front row seats for an unforgettable
concert in recovery.
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Way to go!!!!!!!😁That's so awesome good for you! Rock on my sober friend😁
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This is so inspirational!

The joy of going to gigs sober (other than being able to drive home!) is that you actually enjoy the whole gig and don't lose half the night as you become more and more wasted.
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Absolutely love to hear this! My first sober concert was The Pixies. I have had many many other sober concerts since then and have many many more to attend! Sober I intend!
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I have to admit I had tears in my eyes - the night was splendid, weather wise, and the city was beautiful after the show - just the whole evening - I am grateful as hell to be given a second chance at cultivating a genuinely happy existence, one day and night at a time.
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