Day 41 Easy Does It

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Day 41 Easy Does It

Hey guys,
Just thought i'd check in i haven't posted here for awhile. Things have been relatively good although there are lifes up and downs. I've been holding onto the phrases "Live life on life's terms" and "This too shall pass" on the tough days. The first 30 days were really tricky. There were days of pretty good cravings which i dealt with by talking to my sponsor and people in the program. It is just amazing how important to me it is to immerse my self in the program. Having phone numbers in my phone and getting to know people in the program definately helps to lighten that 10000 pound phone when life throws you a curve ball.

Sleep has gotten better but i have to watch my caffeine intake later in the day which i find will disturb my sleep. I've been exercising alot which helps! In a nutshell i've found a routine again which is key! I hit meetings, talk with people from the program and my sponsor, enjoy my outdoorsy hobbies and work hard at my job.

I'd like to hear what the phrase Easy Does It means to everyone out there? To me it means sometimes i have to slow down and take care of myself knowing that stress can lead me down a rabbit hole.

I guess that's it..thanks!
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We used to have a variation on that saying. Easy Does It, But Do It!

I guess it may have been a counter to the fact that the saying is taken so out of context. It comes from The Family Afterward, and it is meant to be applied to the developing relationship between the newly sober alcoholic and his family. Easy does it is very good advice here. Don’t expect too much of the family or the alcoholic, it will take time for the healing to occur.

In the context of the fellowship in my home town it was often used to curb enthusiasm where an individual wants to (say) leap into step 9, when they have not done the earlier work. Easy does it, but do it. First things first , another one fromThe Family Afterward.

More recently it has become a cop out saying. The chap who gets the first three steps, hears something inspiring and wants to get on with the fourth, only been sober a month, his sponsor says “easy does it” there is no hurry. Translated means go away, I don’t know how to take you through this step, or I can’t be bothered. This is definitely not its intended meaning.

Parkinson’s law on procrastination:” Delay is the deadliest form of denial. “ the sad thing is often the denial is not the newcomer’s, it is the sponsor’s.
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In the Marines we just used the word Easy with specific tone to let each other when we were crossing lines and trouble was sure to follow. It meant caution or be alert!
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