Been a little while...

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Been a little while...

It's been a while since I posted, but happy to report that I'm currently on day 38! I never thought I'd last a week let alone over a month. Here are the changes I've noticed:
1) dropped 10 lbs (amazingly not drinking 1200 calories of wine a day will help you lose weight!)
2) sleeping - I had forgotten what it was like to fall asleep, sleep solid through the night & wake up like a regular person! It's great!
3) I have so much extra money! Not blowing $200 a month on alcohol has added up for me this last month & I bought myself (and my family) some prizes with the extra change
4) I am so freaking productive it's ridiculous. If I feel antsy I start cleaning or crafting or baking. when I'm too tired to be physically active i Pinterest different recipes & crafts.
5) I'm able to manage my anxiety A LOT better. Things don't seem so overwhelming or out of control anymore & I'm able to not over analyze everything all the time.

I still have my moments here and there where I think I'd really live a big glass of wine (or a bottle!) but they're pretty few and far between lately & when I actually stop and think about it I really don't want one, at least I don't want everything that comes with that drink.

So going strong & hoping to only get stronger!
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Congratulations! Feels good doesn't it?
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Somehow you have to work on faith to counter doubt. For example : How about challenging your self a bit. Do something you would like to do, always thought of doing but always put off for some reason. Do it conscious and aware. Something to dispell the doubt that alcohol is ever a solution.
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It sounds like you're doing well and seeing lots of positives in your life. Wonderful!
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Day 38 is fantastic!! Keep pushing through!!
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