New, but not so new...advice... parole..

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Unhappy New, but not so new...advice... parole..

Hello everybody! I am new to this forum. I need a bigger place for support and a place with a lot of other people like myself. I was addicted to pretty much anything i could get my hands on but my DOC was heroin. I'm a young guy, 20. I haven't touched heroin in 8 months and have been on vivitrol.... But even on vivitrol... I haven't been serious about staying clean because i would use other things.. even after i moved states to get away from everything. I am now on state parole and NEED to stay clean.. the only thing i've been doing the last couple months has been weed. But it is hard and I feel a lot of pressure now because of this parole thing..., Not only am I an addict but I suffer from mental illness as well... a HUGE reason I used was to cope with my emotions and what not. I feel everything coming down around me because I have to do a measly 2 years of parole.. isn't that sad that i feel that way over this? .. meh.. I guess not.. Anyway... I came here in case I ever needed a place to go to vent.. and to read about other peoples stories.. Anybody else on or was on parole that is going through the same thing I am? I know it is just weed and other people can just put it down.. but I am not one of those people.. I just got put on parole a few days ago. Any advice for a newcomer? I would be lying if i said I am 100% determined to be clean.... because i'm really not... I'm kind of being forced because of parole...But I was hoping that with the help of this forum and other outside factors i'm working with.. maybe I can learn to appreciate sobriety.
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Welcome. Lots of wise narratives at SR- if you choose to read and share. Nobody can MAKE you get clean for life- that is your job. Do you go to meeting?/ Do you try to change your thinking on the whole drug thing? It sounds as if you are trying to. Keep reading and posting. Good for you on reaching out. You can turn your life around- and not make the past your future.
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Welcome. Much support here.
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No parole experience to share Virg0 but welcome

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Welcome to the Forum Virg0!!
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