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The wonderful life I have is about to fall apart. I drink beer pretty much all day and can't find a way to stop. I'm a fairly intelligent guy (for someone from South Dakota) with a great job, wonderful wife and two great kids, not to mention the dogs we love so much. Been lurking here for a while and never had the courage to post cause I'm so ashamed of myself. I honestly don't know how I got here! had what I would call a nervous breakdown on Wednesday afternoon. Last night was up at 1:00am didn't get back to sleep then went to work after trying to calm down with a couple beers. For me its been making it to the 24 to 48 hour period that are the hardest. Jesus Christmas I could stand on my head for two days shouldn't be that hard. I have to work tomorrow then off for a couple of days and plan on the healing to begin tomorrow. Lots of backstory excuses I could tell you about but no one is forcing me that's for sure. It's all me. From what I have seen I'm not alone. Appreciate you listening.
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Great to meet you, Enuff.

I felt like you when I came here. I didn't know how things went off track either. What was once fun & relaxing was destroying my life. I was drinking all day & never happy or hopeful any more. It was no way to live. You can kick it out of your life & have a wonderful future. We're here to listen and help.
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H Enuff,

Welcome to SR! I have found this to be such an incredibly supportive community, and it has been the greatest part of my recovery, and has allowed me to finally get sobriety to stick!!

Two good places to start are the monthly classes, you should join March 2017, here you will find others who have also committed or recommitted to getting sober this month.

Another is the 24 hour thread, this is a fast moving thread where people share their good and bad days, everyone checks in on each other, Suze keeps a list of everyone's milestones, as well as a list of who has checked in each day (it feels good to see your name on there). We can also count on Phoenix to post a few corny jokes, just about daily.

Spend some time reading around, and see what you may want to add to your sobriety toolbox.

Glad you are here!
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Enuff is enough. Good for you Look forward to seeing you grow.
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Posting is a great first step, enuffisenuff5
You'll find a ton of support here

why not check out our Class of March support thread - all you have to do to join is post in it

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Hi and welcome! I was like you, fairly intelligent, nice kids, nice life, not over the top, but getting by and had what I needed. I drank socially for a long time, then not so socially, but kept it together, then I finally found myself returning from the gym each morning and opening my first bottle of wine at 10am and drinking until I went to bed at night, about 3 bottles of wine a day. I work from home so I was able to "get away" with this, but it was causing my life to fall apart, not to mention my health, relationships with everyone- especially my kids, my work, everything. I was risking everything I had just to have another sip.
I finally, after many failed attempts, ended up in rehab and it was a GREAT experience, I cannot recommend it enough. It was so (SOOOOOOOO) scary to make that decision and to go but from the moment I arrived I knew I had made the right decision.
If you can't get past 24/48 hours is that something you could consider? I know it sounds drastic (it did to me) but it really isn't that drastic, it is just a way to get some sober time under your belt and learn about your illness and how to cope with real life situations when you get out. You also learn to take care of yourself as a person- lots of psychological care, healthy eating, good sleep patterns, etc.
If you have any questions about it just let me know, I am happy to help and share about my experience.
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Welcome to the Forum Enuffisenuff!!
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