Kindling and carrying on where you left off

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When were you "in country", Soa?

I was conscripted in the Border War - Should give you an indication of my age. I was the last 2 year intake, but it did leave scars.

A "two pip loot" with a chip on his shoulder that fought for something in the bush. But that was a long time ago. A very long time ago. I don't think it made my drinking worse, that was already wired in.

I'm interested in your history in the "bush bash". I was there. Not proud of what I did, but we were young.

PM me, please ?
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I was there Dec 83 as part of an overland group so we got there from the opposite direction via the river Congo. I am 56 so too old to do it now bit it was an amazing experience.

I know there is valuable real estate in that region since the boom in lithium-ion batteries
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There is indeed big interest in the area, especially with the "chiefs". Good job I'm just a simple engineer. Mine planning and such.
The forgiveness in the people is phenomenal. I teach maths and science as a sideline - don't charge for it - I just do it. The looks I get are more than enough in any form of payment.
Last December I helped an old guy of 65 pass his Matric (the equivalent of school leaving subjects). He got a "B" for maths. I slept with him and his family to show appreciation for his dedication in their hut. Would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. Guess I've learnt a lot from Jonny Clegg and his music.

Ever Seen "Great Heart". Google it. It's worth it.
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Well, I've said a whooole lot about me, maybe, maybe more than I should have said.

Need to sleep now. I did some things on the Border I regret, but like I said, we were young then.

Peace to everyone.

I'm going back there tomorrow, not for the first time. But there's peace now.

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Have a grrrrrreat trip Bruce.
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Originally Posted by Daucuscarota View Post
Thank you for starting this thread. It is a very important issue and I learned a lot from it. I didn't realize that I was not alone, and that others with an alcohol problem experience the same.

I have to admit that after days of feeling great, I had terrible cravings last eve and the thought "maybe one day I will be able to have a glass of wine once in awhile. " Yes, that AV is very very cunning.

I have been using wine to treat my anxiety for much of my life. Last week I had a major anxiety attack, and my blood pressure went sky high. My doctor wants me to start an antidepressant, but I am afraid of all the side effects, and don't want to be a slave to medication, as I have never taken any before. I am researching inositol, vitamins, etc. as possible substitutions.
Let me know if you find any substitutions that work for you. I am in the same boat!
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The med question is a very personal and subjective one.

I was anti med when I started my recovery - drugs got me into this mess dammit! - but I've come to accept that not all meds are the same.

Meds have made a vast difference to my quality of life.

The difference for me, is that I used to use drugs to escape, now I use them to keep me engaged interested and useful in life.

So, my experience is not all meds are the same...and I've changed too..

Best wishes with whatever you decide Daucuscarota

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For now, I am trying a few alternatives. I think they are helping a little.
The anxiety has lessened.
My last sip of wine was on Feb.4.
Today is Day#36 sober!!!!
Best of luck to all of us. We can do this!
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For a large number of us with mental health issues, we turned to alcohol in an unhealthy way to self medicate. I would not be afraid of medications as they do work very well for many people.
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