Things I Put Ahead of Sobriety

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Things I Put Ahead of Sobriety

Stream of conscious...

So I don't drink or use drugs anymore (2 months clean off booze and 6 months off drugs), but I still go to concerts at venues where seemingly everyone is drunk and I still watch sports at bars since I don't have cable (and never will pay those unethical crooks at the cable companies). I have come to realize that I put live music and watching sports, both of which are my two biggest hobbies, ahead of my sobriety.

I refuse to purchase cable to watch sports, though I do have an antenna for all cbs/fox/nbc nfl games and I use my parents' logins to watch ESPN, TNT, and NBC Sports games on Roku. I also have the NHL GameCenter app to watch all of my LA Kings games on Roku. But on a day like today when the Kings were blacked out on my app (that I ******* pay to subscribe to!), I find myself at the sports bar watching and yelling at the TV with a club soda in front of me. So yes, the Kings are more important than my sobriety by the view of many people on this forum. If I wasn't watching the Kings win the game today, I would have been miserable. Maybe I'm addicted to watching hockey? Hockey and football are basically my religion.

Also, getting tickets to see Radiohead were more important than my sobriety. Same with NOFX and Less than Jake. Even when assholes bring their beer into the pit and spill it on me. Knowing these events were happening and I wasn't there would be spirit killing to me. Going to a meeting instead wouldn't change that.

Just putting today's realization out there, thanks for reading.
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Kind of confused, you stay sober and enjoy your concerts and sports, but say you put them ahead of sobriety. There is no rule that says we can't go to venues or sports bars or anywhere else we want, we just choose not to imbibe when we do. Seems to me that is putting sobriety first. So enjoy life and your club soda, yell at that TV, do what you want as long as it doesn't tempt you to drink.
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That didn't work for me at all hellorockview.

I tried many times just to change the drinking component of my life, but I totally missed the fact my whole life revolved around drinking and drinkers. Getting drawn back into drinking was just a matter of time for me in those circumstances

but hey... I hope you can make it work for you.

If not, you know where to find help

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