You have to want to be sober more than you want a drink...

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Maybe this helps (at least it did for me).

In my darkest moment, when the AV was screaming and sitting on my shoulder, when I was gritting my teeth and was in the throes of what would lead me to say screw it and pop open a beer, there could never be a more fitting statement. It was during these moments that I had to muster every bit of strength I had to remain committed to sobriety.

I had to want to be sober more than I wanted to drink. Regardless of all the excuses my mind was trying to invent. Far easier said than done but it's true.

I could go get a six pack and pop one open, or I can choose to ride the craving out and do what's necessary to stay sober. Which do I want more?
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Originally Posted by Behappy1 View Post
I guess the "you have to want to be sober, more than you want to drink" isn't accurate for me at all. If it were true, none of us would be here. We would have gotten it right at the first wrong turn that we had taken. Semantics I guess. Thanks all for the good dialogue.
welp, this is where I think it shows quite a few sayings are facts for some and opinions for others.

its a fact for me I wanted to stop drinking long before I did.
but I wanted the fun and excitement I had while I was drinking, which is why the times I stopped drinking in the past didn't last long- I wanted to drink more than I wanted to be sober. and I hadda LOT of wrong turns. but I didn't want to give up the fun, which as time went on, that fun got less and less.
then the giggle were gone and I wanted to be sober more than I wanted to drink.
its ok if you don't like the phrase.
and its ok if others do.,too.

personally I feel theres a little more to it the phrase-
and willing to do whatever is necessary to stay sober.
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