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Glad you are here Thomas.
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Had some food today the first time in 4 days trying to build my strength back up I feel washed out . slept 2 hours in bed tossed and turned for2 hours got up 2am UK) had 2 bits of buttered toast with peanut butter . 3am watching silent TV just wanted to get out of bed for a spell .
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U can do this... we are all here for u..
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Hope you turn the corner soon, Thomas. My last bender was also with vodka, for six days. I'm seven days clean since that madness ended and feel so much better. You can do this, and SR will be here for you. Wishing you well.
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Just take it easy, don't think ahead too much...get through each day and eventually it will get better. Take care
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How are you doing Thomas?
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Hope you are starting to feel better Thomas.
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Hi Thomas,

How are you feeling tonight? Hope you are starting to take a turn toward feeling better physically, and emotionally.
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Thanks all . Ive been so busy with things not all happy i'm afraid ,brother is gravely ill .

Feeling much better physically but the heady feeling is taking a bit longer ,like a foggy feeling . I'm eating again but light for now as the tummy is still a bit dodgy diarrhoea wise ( sorry ) .

Your all the best bunch of people in the world and I wish you all each and every one of you a happy sober Christmas . Love you all .
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You can do this Thomas, keep pushing through!!
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