New to trying to get help for being a fiance of an alcoholic

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New to trying to get help for being a fiance of an alcoholic

I guess I will start by saying .that my fiance is an alcoholic of 30 years and just entered a six month treatment program and wants me to find an alcoholic anon meeting. I am disabled and don't drive so it makes it hard. I feel like crying most days. I thought I would feel relief t h at he went to get help, but I feel angry, lonely, depressed, and sad. I am scared. I felt lonely even when he was around. I don't know what to do, I am not interested in doing much and am content to stay in my room and watch tv or sleep. Is there any online meetings or groups for me. Please help me. Thanks
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Marie, you came to the right place for support. People here will guide you to other resources to help. Just know that you are understood. I'm pretty new comparably and I'm real glad I found this site, I think you will be too.
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Hi Marie! I'm sorry for what you're going through with your fiancee. There ARE online Al-Anon meetings:

You will also find a whole community of support here. These are caring, welcoming people, and we're glad you're here. I hope you'll stick around. Hang in there and stay strong.
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Hi Marie,

Welcome! I'm glad you are seeking support for yourself at this time. You might like to check out the forum we have for Friends & Families on this board:

Friends and Family of Alcoholics - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information
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Welcome to the Forum Marie!!
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Welcome Marie! I'm so glad you found us. If you can't get to an Alanon meeting then this is probably the next best thing.

Come on over to the Friends and Family Forum. Lots of folks including me who can relate to you. It's such a bummer to find out the heart to the problem is not alcohol but something deeper - irk!

Let us know how you get on no matter how bad it is.
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Welcome. Glad you are here. In addition to the wonderful resources that have already been mentioned, I would encourage you to call the local hothine for al-anon in your area. If you explain your situation, you will find that there are many kind and caring individuals who would be happy to drive you to meetings. Online help is a blessing, but in my experience it isn't a substitute for authentic, in person support. You need only be as lonely as you allow yourself to be.
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There is a meeting at 8pm on Thursday at Grace United Church, 110 South Road according to this link...

It's an open meeting as well, which means you could take someone with you if you need support to get there.
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