7 months under me. Not getting easier.

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7 months under me. Not getting easier.

What's up all? I've been home from treatment for around 6 months now.
At times the craving to drink are driving me crazy. I really thought this would be easier at this point. I'm running a program but I'm burning through the sponsors/ accountability partners. Seems like everyone around me is relapsing or dyeing. I'm getting pretty discuraged watching this. These are people with years under them ! Makes me feel like "what chance do I have"? I just want to be normal and all of this has been the hardest thing I've ever done. It really is exhausting sometimes. Doesn't it ever get easier ?
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Hi, Michael,

Welcome and congratulations on 7 months of recovery. I'm sorry you're struggling right now. I wonder what changes you've made in your life, besides stopping drinking? Do you have things in your life that support your recovery? Are you involved in hobbies, sports, anything like that? I hope that things become a bit easier for you.
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7 months is incredible, Michaelg. Don't ever think negatively about your chances. Lots of people here on SR have stayed sober for years, follow their example.
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Who knows! I would hope eventually, we all just stop thinking about it every day and it becomes a thing of the past. Or mostly in the past!
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Originally Posted by Michaelg71 View Post
Doesn't it ever get easier ?
I wanted to see vast improvement after 6 months and was distressed that I wasn't. But folks here reminded me that I didn't get to the stage I had with my drinking overnight...therefore, I wasn't going to undo the affects of 35 years of drinking in a matter of months.

I started to see noticeable improvement from months 9 to 12. I think if you haven't relapsed, you are right on track. Stay strong.

I see a lot of folks struggle with their recovery months and months into sobriety, and I often wonder what they are doing (or not doing). Some folks can't or won't make the changes they need to fully support their decision to drink. Some never accept that they can't drink.

Me, I was done. And when the obsession to drink left me, finally, I felt blessed. Wishing you the same.
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Welcome to SR Michael - you'll find a lot of encouragement and support here

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Welcome to the Forum Michael!!
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Geez how many of your sponsors have died? In 7 months? Maybe try some different meetings.
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