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I've been trying really hard to do my gratitude journal this,morning but I got nothin. I seem to be pissed off st the slightest things (like my phone charger being moved). And not slightly irritated more like the world is ending irritated. I know that I ave alot to be grateful for. But my mind wont let me go there right now. I also,know I have real,worries at the moment mostly financial. I quit my job a while back and my husband has been carrying the load and we have hit some huge problems this week. And basically, we are completely out of money. Also, the darn Christmas commercials are giving me huge anxiety. I feel really overwhelmed with it all. Last night I really wanted to drink but I didn't and I'm really proud of myself. I just hope I can pull myself out of this foggy depressed mood. I'm usually a happy person. Well here's to day 4.
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Originally Posted by winniegirl33 View Post
Last night I really wanted to drink but I didn't and I'm really proud of myself.
imagine an alcoholic like me not drinking today

a miracle !!!

flip that proud/ pride into gratitude and there you go !


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4 Days is awesome... Keep it going and I know things will get better.

When I'm in that "foggy" mood. I try to get out of the house for a while.
Walking is my savior.... Maybe a 15-30 minutes at the local park would do you good!
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I was listening to a podcast the other day and heard that even the act of looking for something to be grateful for, even if you couldn't come up with anything, is what makes the difference.
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I agree that taking a walk can change my mood.I've also realized that sometimes feeling badly is just part of feeling. Money issues are real and can cause such personal conflict and stress between couples. It's so hard not to feel in control and money issues can make me feel that way. I'm in a position that I am choosing to keep my job which is so stressful because I worry about money. I know it's a good job and I created the position but it's tempting to retire early and live more simply, would money stress make that simple life more problematic? Likely which is why I am still there.
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I agree that there are days that are just hard to get through. And, I know that sometimes you have to stretch to find gratitude, but, keep in mind that what you're feeling right now is not 'forever'. You will feel better, so hang on to those words and keep moving forward.
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Re Xmas, Why not make plans with hubby for some things to do over the festive season that are free and are in the true spirit of the season, rather than just the popular and hard-sold overindulgence that we see in glossy ads and on TV. Churches and community events tend to start being advertised around now. You could even get your name down to volunteer to help out at a few of them so you can get involved without having to pay admission costs. I've managed to line lots of things up but only one of the events actually will cost me anything, and even that's not too expensive. On the day itself I'm volunteering with the Christmas dinner at the local Cathedral for people who'd be alone or on the streets at Christmas, so I won't be thinking too much about what I'll miss out on with not drinking. As far as gifts go, most poeple I spoke to about this were real happy and relieved to agree to get just a very small token gift and keep the cost down, or forego gifts altogether. Christmas can be beautiful without alcohol, indigestion or extravagance. I promise.
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Good job on 4 days. Pretty normal to be emotional and sensitive at this time. Good thing about moods, good or bad, they always change!

Since you're not working why not try volunteering at your local homeless shelter or women's shelter? No better way to find gratitude than to be of service to people who are less fortunate.

I try to switch my thinking around when I'm feeling sorry for myself. "I haven't enough money, I can't pay the mortgage" "At least I have a home". " my teenager is driving me nuts" "at least we have each other and love each other" etc etc.
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Hi everyone thank u for all ur advise. I did alot of what u said. I went for a walk. I spent time outside I even went through some Christmas boxes just sorting out stuff that can be donated. I do feel much better now. I know I have alot to be grateful for. I just woke up like a demon. I think my body is missing alot of the sugar it gets from wine which has me so out of wack! But I'm planning on having a nice relaxing Saturday afternoon. Today my gratitude list includes having a nice dinner to cook, a beautiful house that I love, my husband having a job, my kids and my precious dog and that I'm sober to appreciate them all.
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Somedays it is hard to find that gratitude - I think it would be much harder on day 4 too, if I'm honest. will find that gratitude again and things are bound to look brighter again.

Like Anna says - this is not the way things will always be - this is a transition's not very nice but it is temporary

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Balance, working on balance this week. I've been ignoring my need for increased physical exercise. Walking the dogs has really been only exercise. I've learned that alcohol suppresses some symptoms of arthritis and since I quit in July my hips and knees are feeling my age. Gonna try to counteract that with something fun but something new that I will actually follow through on. Not going to sign up for expensive gym membership that I don't do, hmmmmmmm possibilities abound.
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I feel like I could have written this post.

Day 4 here too.

Quit drinking. Got health insurance bill, huge hike in cost. We are tapped out financially and the Xmas commercials are making me anxious too. You are NOT alone.

I took a LONG walk yesterday and again this am. I found that the exercise is helping me calm my mood.

I'm starting my gratitude journal today.

There is always SOMETHING to be grateful for, you will find it.

Congrats on Day 4.
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Grateful for supportive husband.
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