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So yesterday was incredibly busy and toward the end of it, my husband and I fought - I was shouting out of frustration, which is atypical of me. Anyway, I seized some halloween candy in my frustration, and had about six pieces of chocolate very quickly.

This morning I swear I felt "hungover" - headache, sickish stomach.

The sugar thing is huge in my opinion/experience. I really need to have a day one with it - anyone here get "sober" from sugar?
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I've DEFINITELY had sugar hangovers in the past.

I used to be a beer drinker, so cane sugar sodas were my go-to for initial detox. Same goes for ice cream and chocolate, which I never ate when I was drinking.

I still like sugar, but I like to switch from sodas to Pellegrino with lime after a bit.
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Sugar seems to be my second biggest addiction. I ate a whole 100g chocolate bar in one go last night. That's a bit much even for me but I think I try to compensate for not drinking. Eating lots helps to keep the cravings at a minimum. And to be honest I don't think it does too much harm, no signs of overweight or diabetes.

I never experienced a sugar hangover though but I usually have a piece of chocolate first thing in the morning to get my blood sugar up. If I don't I can feel a bit nauseous (well now that you made me think about it, I can see some parallels to drinking). I can't imagine giving it up though, I always had a massive sweet tooth!
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Big definite for me: sugar addiction. Fortunately, relatively easy for me to kick, unlike alcohol, which took a while.
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This is interesting. My sugar mostly came from eating crap food whilst I was drunk or high on top of the sugar in the alcohol. When I stopped drinking, I started having what I call "proper" sugary stuff (like chocolate bars, sweets etc which I never had before) because it helped hugely with cravings.
When I have a lot of sugar, it makes me feel similar to how 3 coffees feel: wired, weird, and on the verge of having either vomiting or doing a jumping jack straight out of the window!
Thankfully I've never had a sugar hangover but it definitely does weird things to me!
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Haha. I've actually posted about this a lot in the past. Yeah, I've had sugar hangovers.

In the long run, for me, sugar only keeps that addictive pathway well paved. I mean if it helps in the moment, as in its vodka or sugar, then yeah, sugar wins. But for me its just another drug/poor coping mechanism.

In one of my threads about sugar someone referred to it as a gateway drug. I thought that was apt. But again, this is just me. If it works for others? Great.
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sober style
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In the late 90s, I made myself give up sweets. I'd been going thru a few pints of Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia every week. After about a month, I stopped wanting it. Now I rarely even think of eating something sweet, except I do eat a piece of my mom's pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving.

It sure was easier to quit than beer was!
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I've had sugar hangovers in the past. They can be remarkably similar to an alcohol hangover.

During those first few rough months when I got sober, sweets were a life saver to help me deal with cravings. I ate a LOT of red velvet chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.

I never had a Day 1 with sugar, but over time I have generally cut out sweets and refined sugar. It's really nice how sweet some fruits like grapes and strawberries start to taste once your body adjusts to not having refined sugar.
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My hubby and I are really limiting the amount of candy we eat. I gave our left over Halloween candy away.

I still enjoy sweet desserts, like home made apple crisp, but I know eating candy isn't in my best interest.
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Sugar was my first addiction and I guess, gateway drug. It was also my first quit.
I relapsed with it on Halloween. I felt so sick and that just reaffirmed my mindset that it is so bad. I'm a health nut and read articles every day on groundbreaking research and sugar is now a suspect for causing cancer. This is not a benign drug. Some may scoff that sugar is not a drug, but any substance that alters your mental and physical well being is considered a drug.
The night of my sugar relapse I dreampt that I relapsed with marijuana and I've only had two relapse dreams with pot in the 2 months that I've been clean. I found that very interesting.
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Candy bars- yeah. Eat them in moderation. But when I ate a king size candy bar I felt like crap the next day!

No longer are we kids who can put that stuff away like it is water.

I think in moderation you will be ok. One ok. Two probably still ok. Three pushing it. Six! Yeah I would not feel very well either!
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