Dream that I drank.

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Dream that I drank.

I woke from a dream at 2:30 am. In it there were words that I read that said I was destined to drink forever - if I wouldn't have woken up so upset and wrote them down right away I could have they were so vivid. I thought in my mind - well I have the vodka, better start on the wine. It was my favorite wine with screw top and right before I woke up I was taking my first swig out of the bottle - I hadn't swallowed because I was thinking about my sobriety but I think I planned on doing it.

It was so real that I had to really think "did I drink last night?"

BLAH! I have never had dreams like this in the past.
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I've never had a dream about basket weaving. Why? Because I've never woven one.

However, I drank for 35 years. So yes, when I quit, I had dreams about it. I'd have been more surprised if I didn't dream of drinking once in a while.
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Myself and many others have had these dreams. They can be extremely disconcerting and even terrifying.

But remember, it is just a dream. Not your actions. It is just your subconscious processing, not your conscious making decisions.

It is normal, and happens a lot. For me, I simply found solace in the fact that I didn't live that dream. I simply had it.

Best to you today.
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That's weird, I had my first drinking dream ever 2 nights ago. It was some kind of World Series watching party at a restaurant that took me by surprise and so I joined in. I actually felt guilty/ashamed about it during the dream itself, and wondered what I would tell SR about it. What a relief to wake up sober, sobriety intact.
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Previous when i was 2-3 months into my sobriety i would have them all the time,, it wasnt a dream it was a more like a nightmare,, i would always wake myself up before i took that drink, and so thankful it was just a dream , and not reality.
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yep had 'em too

terror and then relief

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I am glad I am not the only one.

It was almost like a voice in my head (or really the words that I read) telling me that I needed to drink - you know like in one of those horror movies where the people see an omen.
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Not had them yet, but forewarned is forearmed. Thanks for posting Oct
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I used to have dreams about doing my drug of choice and I would wake up literally waking up and thinking "I can start over tomorrow" or something along those lines. Dreams can really be vivid, but once I realize it was only a dream I usually thank God that it was only a dream and that I am so grateful to be waking up sober.

It was harder to handle in the beginning of my sobriety since sometimes it would trigger me but they will become less and less with the more you spend your days focusing on your recovery and when the cravings are not often if at all- At least this was my experience.
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I've had a few drinking dreams also.
The one I remember the most, was the dream I had while I was in detox. I dreamed the nurse came in to swap out my IV bags, when she was finished, I looked up and saw two Jack Daniels bottles hanging from the IV pole, I remember being so happy about it at the time
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I have had drinking dreams too. The last one I was driving with an open 12 pack in the car. I've had them where I was hiding cans and bottles from family. They seemed very real. Have not had one in awhile, but they are upsetting. I am always glad to realize they are just dreams.
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I had a drinking dream too the other night that really rattled me too. I think it was the first drinking dream I actually drank in. I've had another about hiding hundreds of boxes of empties lol. But this last one sent me into a few days of cravings which was strange after almost a month craving free.
Thankfully it passed.
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Strange. My drinking dreams are almost always about forgetting I'm in recovery, taking a few drinks, and then putting it down, realizing I don't want it, and not being particularly worried about it. They don't trigger me.

The dreams that trigger me are the ones where I'm tripping.
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I quit smoking pot 20 years ago and I still get the occasional dream about it. Funny, because I would never go back. Even if the stuff were legalized for recreational use. It made me paranoid.
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Funny you mention... I had a drinking dream last night. It's actually been a while. One of my coworkers came up to me and offered me a shot of a strawberry daquiri! Or I guess technically it was just a mini mini strawberry daquiri lol and I never even drank those... I remember thinking in my dream "Oh well it was just a shot so maybe I don't have to start over?"
Woke up soooo relieved.
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Im still an alcoholic in my sleep. Ill work on that after Ive cracked recovery awake.
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