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In trying to change some things, I decided to go throw away my super secret hidden stash of empties I had in my garage. I would hide vodka bottles out there and sneak out when I could to take a tug. I bet none of you ever thought of that, huh?

I shocked even myself when I had them all collected. I literally had about 10 liters of empty vodka bottles and a couple empty wine bottles (and I don't really even care for wine). I'm both disgusted and flabbergasted.
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They really mount up thats for sure. It's immensely satisfying for get rid of them tho

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Well done for clearing them out.

I live alone so don't have to hide anything which in some ways is worse as nobody is watching or cares what I drink.
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get rid of 'em!

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Oh boy, 4 years of hard drinking and over 7 acres and 6 huge buildings to hide bags upon bags of bottles and cans in... It took me over a year to take in all my empties at my 75$ weekly deposit return limit (that's about 7 to 10 large garbage bags full) plus by that point I just used all my bottle return money to pay for my booze, so...
At least I wasn't the only one doing the drinking at the time. Just most of it.

Anyhow. Know how you feel. We still find empties shoved into the weirdest places. It's embarassing.
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Yup, I'm glad to see them go. I just don't want to hear them when they get dumped into the garbage truck this week.

And while typing this, I just thought of the locations of a couple more. Yikes!
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