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Newbie sort of

Here is my story. I am the husband of an addicted wife. When we got together she suffered from debilitating migraines and used to just suffer through them like she had always done. At my insistence, she saw the doctor my family had been going to for years. Well this being 20 years or so ago, he basically gave her an open ended script for Vicodin. They worked well, and having been born in the 60's my Mother had her nerve pills, my father had his, and nobody thought anything of it. Looking back my mom and dad were probably both addicted to Valium but the Doc said it was OK so it must have been right? She was a stay at home mom with 6 kids, 2 with me, and I worked to put the grub on the table etc. I never took notice of how many times she was filling the script and this went on for 8 -10 years. When our old Doc retired the new Dr refused to write her a new script so she started ordering Hydrocodone off of the internet. I didn't take notice of anything and she seemed fine to me, hell I didn't even know the new Dr wouldn't give her a new script. I guess that went on for a year or two, and then you couldn't get them off the net anymore. Now at this time her four kids from her first marriage were in High School and Jr High school, and she got a really bad headache. The oldest boy gave her an Oxycontin and as they say it all went down hill from there. I came home from work one day and found her sick in bed from "The Flu". She was going through the classic withdrawal symptoms, but I was still ignorant to everything. After three days of watching her puke and shake, I scooped her into my arms and started carrying her to the car to take her to the ER. She kept telling me she would be OK but I insisted, And that is how I found out my wife was an addict. I took all our money out of the bank and opened a new single person account, from that moment on I paid all the bills, we went shopping together, etc. Well my job went to china and she got a job cleaning offices, ironically I found out later it was an addiction OP center! Being able to now cash her check and have access to money she naturally relapsed, her problem grew and she got caught stealing and got 4 years probation for theft. That was 2010 and we have done the Inpatient , outpatient, jail (she is currently serving at the county's pleasure 3rd time for probation violation). Why you may ask am I still with her? I love her, and I know everybody is going to say it's not, but it is my fault, I insisted she go to my Dr. and that's what started the ball rolling. She doesn't go out looking to get high, she just want's to feel normal like she did before my doctor ruined her life. She's not physically addicted and never detoxes anymore due to the fact she uses so little, one $20 bag makes 5 hits for her, no needles she just snorts. So it's all in her head. Her present violation is for DUI because she ended up substituting booze for the heroin and got pulled over 0.085 BAC. I finally got her to see a shrink for her debilitating anxiety after she got out of the latest 30 rehab and the first words out of the shrinks mouth was suboxine therapy. Which in my mind is just legal heroin that the law doesn't mind because the right people are making money off it (Big Pharm). So now while she is gone I am researching Hypnosis therapy. Signed up here so I could see what you all had to say about it. We have 4 grand kids and I think she is really sincere this time. It really is all in her head so that's what she has to work on.She never got anything out of 12 step or rehab so I am looking for alternative therapy books and self helps that I can send her in jail, because she has the time to read them and if I don't send her anything else eventually she's gonna open one up, and who knows! You guys don't know how good that felt to write that, I don't have local family or friends. Sorry about rambling on and all.
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