Update 25 Days Today

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Update 25 Days Today

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update, 25 days clean today, have been working hard and staying busy to keep my mind off the other stuff. Feeling good and sleeping better these nights. Have a work night out next week which is a freebee and was thinking... how I would get out of it? as I don't want to put myself in position to have to explain why I am not drinking and its free !! anyway I have declined the offer as said I have to babysit that night as my wife is working late. I need more time before I can face the temptation in the big bad world. Thanks for all support here on SR, after many relapses I have a big feeling that this is the big one, Love to all
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Congrats on 25 days!!
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Congratulations on 25 days, better days ahead
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Congratulations Carlingford- a great start
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You're doing great!
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Thanks everyone, looking forward to 30 days clean and beyond, still having paws issues but hopefully these will go sooner rather than later, just keeping busy and living clean life
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