I'm so lost, guys.

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Nothing changes if nothing changes - right? I think we all understand the cycle - the ride on autopilot to the liquor store, drunkenness, the wretchedness of hangover and panicky aftermath, dealing with life in a fearful impaired sickish state, relative "normal", ride on autopilot to the store.

To get off the merry go round from hell, I had (have!) to make sobriety my number one focus point and remain consciously fixed on staying true to one thing: Today I will not drink no matter what happens.

AA helps many people here, and there are other groups too - and I am telling you, the peace and serenity of living in your right mind cannot be overstated.

Please do not underestimate this beast in your head.
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Rupert, even in your compromised condition you see the truth rather clearly. You will lose everything if you keep doing what your doing. Maybe its time to pick up the pieces and move on. Alcohol is doing your no favors, correct?
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Rupert-We're here for you buddy and know how hard it is...right now, you've got to grab on to sobriety like it's a lifeline. In order to stop you have to stop. No other way around it. Is it easy? NO. Is it fun? NO. Will some of your friend understand? YES. In fact, they may support you. You've got to do this for you, regardless of what anyone else may think of you. You're going to have to look at life in a whole new way and take the option of drinking off the table. There's no easy way around it. So hunker down, give yourself a big burly hug. You can do this!
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Welcome to the Forum Rupert!!
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Rupert hows it going?
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