day 35

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day 35

So....update on my progress....oh not gonna lie. One night about a week and half ago i had some drinks. Totally not worth it. Felt like ****. But other then that a been sober. The wierght is starting to melt off me. Im still tired. But everyday is a lttle better. I was sleeping all the time. Now i just feel like sleeping all the time but i dont. And yea thats about it. I thought i would feel a lot better then i do but i guess i need more time
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It sounds like you're doing well. If you are concerned about how you're feeling, don't hesitate to check with your dr.
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great job!

make sure to check in and tell everyone how youre doing

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Feed your head
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Good job coin
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I am confused. Was your last drink 35 days ago or a week and a half ago?
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I think you should consider revising your day count.

Not as a punishment and not as demotivation, but simply because, from my experience, it's easy to make '35 days with a few drinks' into '45 days with a few more drinks' for example.

If you're going to count days I don't see the point in 'massaging the figures'.

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Keep pushing through Coingod!!
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I used to binge drink every night for 15 years. Im just counting when i started to sober up. I had a few beers that one day but didnt get drunk. So 35 days sober. 15 days without a drink. Whatever.
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I know exactly what you mean about feeling really tired, but not sleeping...weird isn't it?

Still, it beats the heck out of my old hangovers. I'll take a little weird body readjustment over that horrendous, cyclonic self-inflicted pain any day.
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Yea.....i just lay around all day. I cant sleep. But i sleep at night. I havent had dreams in 15 years so its amusing having them again. Im alot more clear mentally but still sluggish. I came too far to give up now.l know i have more healing to do. Cant wait to feel 100%. Going to a redneck wedding tomorrow. 8 kegs. They like to put moonshine in a watermelon. Its gonna be fun watching the drunks
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What's the plan moving forward Coingod, something needs to be tweaked?
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