1 week!

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1 week!

It's been 1 week since i've drank or smoked cigs!

I didn't get crazy withdrawals but I basically have been eating whatever i want, which is a lot of pasta and chips... Anyone go carb crazy?

The feeling I have is strange. I feel so happy i'm bursting at the seams. Then I get hit with extreme irritability/anger, which never lasts too long.
Both these things then make me want to reach for a smoke or a drink cause the feelings are so intense. I don't of course.

I'm not sure I would be able to do this without my husband..... He's pulled me back to earth a couple times this past week.

I keep forgetting that i'm making a huge change in my life without the booze and cigs and then all of a sudden I remember what i have been doing and then it doesn't feel real, it doesn't feel like its possible. But at the same time it does feel possible and I get excited for it.

I don't know if any of that made sense. Basically I'm a jumble of emotions right now and don't know how to sort them in my head.

I just thought I would throw a post out to all of you and make this official. Thanks for all your inspiring posts and taking the time to read mine!
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Congratulations mawapril - a great achievement
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This is great! So glad you're here with us! I'm on day 26 (I think) and I NEVER EVER thought I'd make it this far without drinking, especially since I was an everyday drinker. Proud of you.... before long you'll be at a month and then a year.

My emotions were similar during my first week. I'd have moments where I'd be ecstatic and happy about the life change, and then I'd get random moments of extreme irritability and anger. I think a lot of the negative emotions popped up because I'd been drinking away my problems for so long that when I became sober, all my problems became VERY REAL and I actually had to deal with them. Also, mentally/emotionally I wasn't used to not having that crutch to come home to every night to put me in a different reality, so I was kind of a ***** those first days.. which I felt was reasonable...
I can definitely say however that the crazy up and down emotions have leveled out at this point and aren't near as bad in the first few days.
Keep on keepin on!
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Good work Maw , emotions do fluctaute wildly in early sobriety ( you will see many posts on here regarding this ) but it does settle . Stopped the fags too even better work . I also struggle with food cravings especially stuff like pasta , chips ,cheese,curries, bread and sometimes binge on chocolate . I am hoping the food thing will settle but i'm not beating myself up on it .

Glad your here sharing
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Feed your head
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1 Week is fantastic!! Keep it going!!
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sober style
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Way to go, mawapril!
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Learning to live again
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Doesn't that feel good, Mawapril? We're so proud of you. Things will continue to get better and easier.
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Well done!!!

I'm also on day 7, so we're in the same boat.
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Great job. Keep it going. Keep posting your progress for us.
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Great job! Glad you have a supportive hubby, too!
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