Rehab tmrw (going for 1st time in my life)

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I've been to two. one 12 step and one Non 12 step. Both were awesome. You will bond with the other housemates and share your experiences . They Will give you tools for when you are finished and it's up to you to use them. You might gain weight. Lots of eating with little excercise. If you smoke bring lots!!! The last place I was in was caffeine free so we had to smuggle it in lol they knew but were a good group so they turned a blind eye
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Dear everyone, I'm back from rehab!! It was amazing!!! I'm on day 34 of sobriety. Thank you for your support. Any words of wisdom about staying sober when first back are welcome.

I had a little bit of a craving today until I was reminded by my girlfriend of what a selfish ******* I am when I drink.

I am embarrassed and ashamed of how I acted towards her.

STep work is good. I look forward to trying to make amends.

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Its good to see you back augustine

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Great news man, welcome back.
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Very glad to see you back! Keep SR close. Post as often as you need to. It helps tremendously on the road to recovery!
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Great to see you Augustine!!
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Augustine, I hope you have found kindred spirits and are on your way.
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Welcome back Augustine!!!
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Welcome back! i am so glad you had a great experience!
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Do your best
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Good to see you Buddy & great job on 35 days
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Giving up is NOT an option.
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Woo Hoo!
Great to hear you had a good experience! Keep up with that step work - It's good stuff. And it works if you work it. Amends are hard, but so, so rewarding.
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