My sponsor is awesome sauce!

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My sponsor is awesome sauce!

So I finally went to a meeting. That was hard. Then I finally called my sponsor. I drank after 5 months. She took me back. This time in gonna try it her way. I'm gonna pray/ meditate every day and go to a mtg every day. This is my job now. Broke up with my wife. I cried but now I gotta focus narrowly on this. Please God (the vibration that connects us all or something) help me.
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I became sober in 2000, but only for 6 years before I faltered. I was also baptized in 2000, the year I finally accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior. I still continued my faith after I fell off the wagon. Use your faith as a tool to help/guide you. It works. You can get there. Was breaking up her idea or yours?
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Congrats Press
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Broke up with wife? Female sponsor? Be careful. Sponsors are only human. They have feet of clay.
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awesome sauce

i like that

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