It took me five years ...

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It took me five years ...

Five years of popping in and out of here reading posts, posting a little, and being scared to stop.

Five years of thinking I could moderate my drinking, trying, and failing.

Five years of drinking more and more and more every single day.

In the end, what did I get since my first post? An additional 50 pounds, mildly elevated BS and BP, increased risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and numerous types of cancer, thousands of headaches and hangover-related panic attacks, a handful of super nasty fights with my husband, and depression so severe I was failing my friends and family, including my very ill mother, my employer, and myself.

I tried and failed so many times to quit and moderate over five years. I wasted so much time and emotional and physical energy. Despite all my effort, it was so difficult I couldn't do it.

So, what changed? How is it possible I'm on day three of no drinking with absolutely no desire to ever drink again?

I read a book. It was that simple. "This Naked Mind", by Annie Grace, changed the way I think about drinking much in the same Alan Carr changed the way I thought about smoking.

I can't recommend this book enough. There is hope and joy and pleasure in quitting rather than fear and desire and the thought you're missing out.

I'm glad to be back here for good. And to help! I so want to help you.
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Day 3 is fantastic!! Keep it going!!
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Our stories sound the same. It's been 5 years of trying for me too. I also read Alan Carr's book and I quick smoking after reading it. I am going to order "this naked mind" now. Thanks and good job!!!
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Hi pocketpanda, I've read the Allen Carr book too and it's fantastic. How does the naked mind book help with changing your thought processes?
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Originally Posted by pocketpanda View Post
I tried and failed so many times to quit and moderate over five years. I wasted so much time and emotional and physical energy. Despite all my effort, it was so difficult I couldn't do it.
Man, ain't THAT the truth! I would try to quit and it would seem so very hard. But in reality I was always putting a lot more effort into trying to moderate, trying to hide it, trying to smooth things over after I'd gone off the rails, etc.

Glad you found a book that helped.

Way to go!
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Congrats on a great start! Glad you found a good resource. What is the rest of your plan for sobriety?

Good luck.
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Do your best
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Hi PoketPanda x
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Welcome back

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