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I have never posted before and am thankful to find a group of people like me who want to stop drinking. It's been four days now since my last drink. I am doing well. No withdrawal symptoms, yet. I have had some socialg struggles: father's day and an argument ith my perfectionist husband. I made it thru both with minor temptations. I have been using self talk to remind me of the importance of my goal to change my lifestyle. My daughter gave me a wake up call telling me I was killing myself. It came the day after my doctor told me my high blood pressure and my many meds were affecting my kidneys. I listened to these facts and admitted what I've known for a long time. Having people to chat with seems to be helpful from what I have been reading on your threads. Any advice for me at this early stage would be great! Thanks, Mary
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Sobriety is Traditional
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Congratulations on four days! I hope your health problems clear up now that alcohol is out of your life. Read around and post often, because staying sober requires daily work!
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Welcome to the family from a fellow Buckeye! Congrats on getting sober for good. I got sober over six years ago and don't regret a minute of it.

The best advice I ever got on staying sober was that I must want to be sober more than I want to drink. If you do that, you will have no trouble staying sober.
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Welcome and great job on 4 days!
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Hi Mary. Welcome to the SR family. You will find a lot of helpful advice from the good people here.

Among the most helpful bits of advice that I received when I joined SR was to be wary of HALT (Hungry. Angry. Lonely. Tired). One or more of these 4 conditions was always present when I found myself with a strong urge to drink. If you can avoid these 4 conditions, or address them when they arise, you will find it easier to withstand the urges when they arrive.

Good luck. I hope you will post often and let us know how you are doing.
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Thanks for your responses. It is coming to the hour of the evening when I used to drink. I don't have the urge yet. I hope I can make it thru another evening. I have read your advice and will read it over again if I need to tonight. Thanks all. Mary
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Welcome and congrats in 4 days. Post often; that was very important for me. It's nice to be able to communicate with folks that have experienced what you are going through..
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Do your best
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Hi Mary
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Welcome! I have found SR to be a HUGE resource for my sobriety.

Have you come clean with your doctors about your drinking? Also, substance abuse counseling has been a God send for me and has taught me lots of healthy ways to handle temptation, stress, and anxiety. Also, have you found a recovery program that you connect with? A lot of people find AA helpful, I personally have found that Rational Recovery has been the program for me. There are several others, you can always take parts out of all of them to create a personalized recovery program.

I have also found journaling, volunteering, getting involved in my Church, and just really being honest and reaching out to my family to be very helpful. Eating well, taking supplements and vitamins, light exercise, yoga, meditation, and having a set sleep schedule have also helped.

Keep reading and posting! You can do this!
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welcome, Mary.

It's really great that you've decided to embrace sobriety.

Your life will become infinitely better for it.

I'm glad you're here.

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Welcome Mary

Do read the link Soberwolf posted - lot of good stuff in there

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