Weekend Drinks

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Weekend Drinks

Hello and thank you for the opportunity to post. I want to quit drinking but am drawn to the idea on weekends. This is the first Friday that I didn't drink in a long time. But I went all in on Saturday. Wish I didn't have the desire. Thanks.
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Hi & Welcome BlueMalibu
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Welcome Blue. Do you believe you are an alcoholic?
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That bell or bike person
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You can change that if you want ,
lots of insight and encouragement here ,

Bestwishes, m
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Hey, Malibu. I was a weekend only drinker. But I still drank compulsively and it is a great relief to have nearly 9 months of sobriety under my belt.

I feel free from cravings and hangovers and the other negative consequences I was feeling. I could have kept drinking at the rate I was going for a long time. But my quality of life is so much better now. I can honestly say I only miss it on the rarest of occasions and it passes quickly.

Try it, you might like it!
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Do your best
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Welcome Blue
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welcome. the name of the day of the week on which we drink is NOT the's what happens WHEN we drink.
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Welcome, and I think it might help if you come up with a solid plan as to how to get through next weekend without drinking. Can you come up with some ideas that would help to distract you from drinking?
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Hi. I would like to make a few suggestions for you- and it's basically about doing stuff that keeps you busy and focused on something else during the times when you would normally drink..

Read a book
Do a crossword
Phone a friend- maybe even someone from a recovery group
Go to a recovery meeting (that's what I've been doing to keep me off the booze) for real or online
Draw / paint
Renovate some furniture
Do some housework
Clear and sort out something that needs clearing or sorting out
Go for a run / go to the gym / do exercise at home / go for a walk
Write a poem / song / blog / story
Go to the cinema
Practice new recipes
Learn an instrument
Get an adult colouring book and get colouring
Get creative- embroidery / origami / make figurines
Take up a dance class or some other evening class
Learn a new language
Do an evening college course
Join a local boxing / circuit training club (I started doing that and it's ace)
Start a diary
Weed the garden / do gardening (if you have a garden)
Sell / buy stuff on e-bay
Mend stuff that you've got that's broken
Do a manicure (dunno if you're male or female)
Print some photos off and frame them / put them in an album
Write someone a letter
Do some research
Visit someone who doesn't drink

There's lots of things you can or could be doing; it's just about making the effort. If we put as much effort into doing other things as we do into drinking, we'd get so much done.
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