Sunday Check In

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Sunday Check In

Hi All, Haven't checked in for awhile so wanted to drop a note. I've been on and off recovery more than I'd like to admit over the past year but am currently enjoying a much needed on period. The focus is rest and recuperation. I am starting to really notice the negative health effects of a taxed immune system as well as the physical effects of years of drinking, weight gain the primary issue. I look bad ... plain and simple. And I am not ready to just accept that and live with it ... I'd really like to try and turn this train around. Anyhow, today my pups woke me at 6am and I was able to get up and let them out, made myself a fruit smoothie, went for a walk, did laundry, organized my closet, and drank lots of water. Nothing terribly exciting but all rather exhilarating because I was sober enough to do it. Don't forget to celebrate the "boring" days and simple achievements. I am writing this to remind myself of just that.
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Hi Chuck,

Welcome back!! I can relate to the on and off again pattern, I did the same thing for a few years. I came back January 1st feeling the same way you are feeling right now. I completely committed to sobriety, and healthy habits in general. As a result I have lost 32 pounds, and feel better physically and mentally. I still have about 15 pounds I would like to lose, but that will come in time.

The biggest thing I did was check in here daily, especially in the January 2016 class. I also planned alternate activities for the times I would normally drink the first month or so. Walking, reading, taking the kids somewhere, bubble bath, anything to make sure I didn't pop open a bottle of wine. I hit five months sober on June 1st, and do not plan on returning to drinking. There were some days it was difficult, but I just pictured how I would feel the next morning if I drank, and that really helped.

You can do this!!! Looking forward to seeing you on SR!!!
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Hi chuck,

Good job. It is all in the little things for me. And really it's such a lie. Drinking, or at least my drinking, is the antithesis of fun. Good luck!
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Yesssss!! So glad to read your post. Isnt having a day like that just awesome?

I too had serious, very scary physical effects from drinking. They have vastly improved in 111 days and I know will continue to as long as I do not drink.

I have had a very similar day today to the one you described. We are so lucky! And we are working to keep having them, right?

Nice to meet you!
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Welcome back! Hang in there, you can do This!
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Chuck - sounds like a wonderful day. Being sober is quite exciting, after all we've been through. I can't believe how hard I fought being normal.
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Posts: 3,062's those simple days that I love. Glad you are back!
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