day3 and relapsed

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day3 and relapsed

Hi all, yesterday was day 3 and i made it till 8:20. I had the worst anger, frustration and i was so aggitatied. Best way i could describe it was a fire inside me and alcohol was the only thing to calm it. So i poured a drink. I made the mistake of leaving some in the house because i thought it would make me more anxious to know it wasnt here and would be better if i could just be strong enough to say no. Today is the one month of my mom passing, i was rrying to be strong for her... my ssupport system just tells me its ok to have one just control it. Well i cant control it. So i guess day 1 again...
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In order to stay sober, you have to want to be sober more than you want to drink. Try again. Don't give up.
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That first drink will get you if you are three days sober or three years sober. Only you can control it. I wish you the best.
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Hi Hopeful you done amazing getting to day 3 Rome wasn't built in a day & the most important thing is your here

Reaching out to the support here before drinking is a top tip & following a plan or a programme will really really help

Are you going to meetings ?
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Glad you came right back. I know how difficult losing a parent is, I'm sorry for the loss of your mom.

Sounds like you need a little more of a support system. Soberwolf's advice is great, check in here before picking up that first drink and you will have a whole community here to listen, and help support you while those thoughts pass.

❤️ Delilah
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Thank you . No plan no meetings..
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Tomorrow is my birthday so im starting fresh tomorrow with a gift of sobriety to myself
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Originally Posted by hopefull24 View Post
No plan no meetings..
Getting one, a plan that is, would be a great start.
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Happy Birthday tomorrow, Hopeful!

Give yourself the best birthday present and come up with a solid plan tonight.
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I'm sorry for your loss. Drinking doesn't help tho - we never actually deal with anything that way - it just keeps the wounds red and raw.

I hope you'll allow yourself to deal with your loss. Sadness is scary for a lot of us, but you have support here.

Grief counselling might be useful too?

I second the suggestion for a plan - there's some really great ideas here

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I'm sorry for your loss and that you're struggling, I'm glad youre reaching out here, I can't just have one either.
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Please hang in there. People are rooting for you to do well. Don't beat yourself up, we can't go back. All we have is today and today is your day to start over, be kind and move on. This is it.
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