Been here before, starting again.

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Been here before, starting again.

Well, I'm back for another shot at this. I hope this is the one that works. Going on day three and feeling the insomnia effects now. Also having strange discomfort in my stomach as well, mostly after eating. My toungue feels dry and almost like there's a burning sensation and no matter how much I drink (water), I still feel dehydrated. These are somewhat different symptoms than I've had in the past, and they do kind of freak me out a bit. I really hope this is the end of my drinking days. I gave up smoking as well and have taken up running as a way to feel better. Hope everyone is doing good,
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Welcome back Fishhead, well done on Day 3. Don't hesitate to call a doctor if you feel you need one.
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Welcome back Fishhead

I agree with OT - don't hesitate to see a Dr if you're concerned

have you thought about what you might do differently this time to stay sober?


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It never gets better as time goes on. Abstinence will be of benefit, congrats on getting back into the sobriety game Glad you are here.
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Hi fishead. Alcohol is an irritant and can irritate your WHOLE digestive tract, from your mouth, through all the digestive organs, down through your intestines and bladder and out the other ends. So its not suprising you are feeling the dicomfort you are!
It also dehydrates you really badly. And it can take down your sodium chloride (salt) levels.
Have you tried taking one of those sachets of stuff that people take after they have had diahorrhia and sickness? Dioralyte its called in England. It helps replace the bodies water and salts. One sachet should help.
To help with insomia I take a herbal pill, valerian, passionflower and hops. This works well when I'm tired but can't drop off.
The symptoms you have will soon pass, stick with it
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Do your best
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Welcome bk Fishhead glad your with us
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