The rehab report

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Do your best
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Good morning Mera
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Good evening to youSW. I had no time to check in much today. My mom and I worked on getting some long needed things done. My son had football practise and we stayed there and watched him. It was a busy day, but a fulfilling one.
No real cravings have hit me so far, but I am not counting on that lasting forever. I think this is the easy bit as I ease slowly back into my routine. It will be tougher when my mom goes. I also, have mentioned numerous times, feel overly medicated, which I think they did on purpose, but I will talk about that as soon as I can. I am on my toes and trying to not overwhelm myself, remembering halt, etc. but I feel as little as though I am riding a wave right now. I don't feel secure that I have a strong enough plan set up yet. I am wading through these critical matters and being sure to build in some down time to rest, but this weekend my number one priority needs to be solidify my plan more. I did get a good start on it while still in rehab, but I still feel a bit loose with things, I am not sure how describe it. I have no desire to drink now... but what if that moment does indeed come? I need to be ready for it and want to get that into place before that time comes. All in all feeling good, just druggy and tired.
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Mera, I'm glad to hear that you've had a fulfilling day with your mother. It's a good thing to stay busy, but I recognize the thoughts that come creeping when you have time to stop and think. The fear of the Moment, the moment when you want to drink. My advice to you is not to worry too much about that moment, you need to trust yourself to be able to deal with it if and when it comes. Worrying about it just gives it more power, and the power should be yours now. I am confident that you are strong enough to deal with this on your own now, even if you feel that you're not. Have faith in yourself.
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Do your best
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If that moment comes reach out Mera your stronger than you think Bella
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Im hoping that none of your meds is narcotic
or habit forming. That can be adjusted with
your physicians to keep your recovery and
sobriety time in tact.

Also with so many emotions and triggers
we face in everyday life, knowing how to
deal with them using an effective program
of recovery can help you remain sober and
clean each day you continue on your recovery

Talking with, surround ourselves, hanging
on to other members in recovery can always
come in handy in guiding you each step of
the way and let you know that you are never
alone in any situation that baffles us.

You never have to go thru recovery
alone. Ever.

Stay strong and firm in your resolve
to remain sober no matter what.

You, like many of us have many
wonderful gifts in recover that
will come to you the longer you
remain sober. Some will come
quickly and some slowly depending
on how well you live and incorporate
what you are learning in your recovery

These gifts are written in the Big Book
of Alcoholics anonymous and wonder
if they gave you one in rehab along with
a 12 and 12 Step Book and a 24Hour Prayer
Book? A little Black Book.
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Originally Posted by soberwolf View Post
If that moment comes reach out Mera your stronger than you think Bella
This ^ a thousand times over from our very wise Wolfie.
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Originally Posted by Delilah1 View Post
Hi Mera,

I think after 500 posts the thread disappears. Starting a new thread might be a good way to document your next chapter.

Is Hope your first full day home is a great one!!!

❤️ Delilah
The thread won't disappear @ 500 posts, but it will close.

If you want to continue the thread then, I'll start a part 2 for you in the Daily Support forum Mera

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No, I think I'll start a new thread as a follow up. Thanks Dee.
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New thread is here
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