Great night

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Great night

Took my youngest daughter and a friend to see a musician named Charlie Puth perform in San Francisco tonight. It's a school/work night but we have had this planned for months and decided to do it.
The whole 1 1/2 hour down I kept having pleasant subconscious feelings of anticipation. I started thinking about them and realized that my body was looking forward to several large beers with the other dads at the back of the concert hall. It was powerful and strange to feel that after so many months of sobriety but I must have stored memories of so many different arenas where alcohol played a role. I would have typically gotten low level ranked and then cabbed to my in-laws house for the night.
Tonight we got there, I found a seat in the back, read a few SR posts and drank sparkling water. Great time with my daughter and solid drive back home. 1:00 am now and going to bed sober. So many devious triggers still waiting but the pull becomes weaker as time passes.
Grateful for the evening.

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sounds like a wonderful evening Jonathan

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Hi Jonathan,

You're right about the devious nature of addition. That feeling of anticipation is something I regularly experience, particularly going back for the the first time to a place previously associated with drinking. But the 'pull' towards alcohol does get much weaker with time.

Sounds like you a great time with your daughter - fantastic stuff
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You are building new memories, well done my friend!
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Really great reminder of hidden triggers. Thanks for sharing!
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Great story Zufreiden, and I believe a certain level of pride should be felt for accomplishing the evening in such fine fashion.

I took my father to a baseball game last summer, and in years past we probably would have gotten legally intoxicated and kicked up some dust, ya know, guy stuff. But this time around, he knew I was in the process of addressing my alcohol problems. New stadium, beer, drinks and bars everywhere, all the time. We had a nice ballpark meal, some soda and enjoyed the game. Drove home with not a care in the world. It felt good, and genuine.
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Well done to you for staying strong and glad that you had a good night!
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0 :(
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Well done!
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Awesome Jonathan!
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Good stuff.
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I am glad you had a good time and remained sober.
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