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Going through hell

I have thyroid cancer and everyone said it was no big deal well that was bs cause i had surgery and since the cancer was very bad there was a lot of cutting involved and a lot of pain i had my thyroid removed and lymph nodes now i have to go for a second surgery on tuesday because of fluid buildup i have so much pain for over a month now and they will not give out pain meds and my cancer is serious and spread to the lymph nodes i have an 11 inch scar across my neck and now this buildup that my surgeon has been draining just wouldnt stop building up and i cant sleep comfortably i ended up getting pain meds illegally because the pain was so inbearable i coughed for a week after the surgery because of the tube down my throat the hospital made a big deal about giving pain meds and i was suffering my cancer was worse than what people usually get done i had more than a thyroidectomy the lymph nodes had to be removed. I had a bad tumor on the left side of my neck where i now have the fluid buildup its unbearable im afraid of something else going wrong with this surgery he has to go in to stitch something up to stop the fluid the surgery is an hour its not as bad as the first time which was 4 hours and a lot of cutting in the area hes going to cut into again. To anyone that downplays thyroid cancer f..u. I had to resort to getting real pain meds illegally to not suffer cause they would only give me tylenol3 and it was a major surgery and i had it with people saying thats not sober. Talk that b.s. When u get cancer and no one cares about your suffering and makes a big deal about giving pain meds in the hospital after waking up u guys that are in "real recovery" should take aspirin when u have surgery. I bet u would beg for pain relief. Cause getting cut up all over your neck is no fun and then to get this crap afterwards its unbearable i cant do anything with this tennis ball in my neck i dont even have an appetite and if i get one i lose it quickly causeveating and swallowing is such a pain and its so stiff for weeks now and i get terrible stabbing pinching pains i feel im gonna go nuts and now i gotta go for another operation tuesday and get over more pain i have real pain meds im not suffering anymore and im taking it for my pain not to get high but its a shame that i have to do something illegal cause doctors are p****** and cant write a prescription for plain old percocet but the idiot i bought it over gets them easily just like his family members and theres nothing wrong with them they have no pain. How backwards everything is and while all of us cancer patients are left in the recovery room to suffer and rationed and given .5 dilaudid. Not even 1mg for a serious operation. Ive taken an 8 mg dilaudid pill for a herniated disc in my lower back years ago and that only dulled that pain. Everyone in the hospital was in pain i cant believe what i saw just letting everyone suffer in pain its insane and now im gonna go through this again with these idiots
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Sorry you are having issues with your medicine. Wishing you luck on your next operation and a quick recovery!
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I am so sorry this is happening. I hope everything improves for you soon.
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I'm sorry for your pain and anger Marylynn.

I could think of several valid reasons why the Drs have done what they've done - but none of that helps you right now.

Have you got anyone to talk to?
anyone who might be able to advocate for you?

I hope that this surgery will be successful.

And...please take this in the spirit in which it's offered - I think you should think about telling the doctors about the drugs you've been taking before you have the operation - it really is in your best interests.

They might give you meds or anaesthesia that could react with the meds you've been taking for example?

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So sorry to hear of the pain you're going through Marylynn, I hope the next operation goes alright!!
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I hope that your recovery goes well and that you're pain-free soon.

Just to reiterate Dee's feedback. If you have painkillers in your system, it is absolutely essential that you are 100 percent forthcoming with your physicians. It may very well impact the decisions the anesthesiologist makes in order to help protect your safety.
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I am so sorry you are having to endure pain. I had surgery 46 days ago. I can empathize.

Dee is right about being honest with the doctors before surgery. Please tell them about everything you've taken. It's very important!
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Marylynn123456, I feel like I'm reading a similar story from my life 20 years ago. I had thyroid cancer at age 25 and it too spread to the lymph nodes. I had a 7 1/2 surgery but in my case it's the right side of my neck...and my super long scar as well (it used to look like a train track on my neck!). I had to have a 2nd surgery too. The pain is excruciating. We use our necks for EVEYTHING...every little movement.

And beyond the pain, the hormonal problems for the next many months are going to be very challenging as they try to get the replacement hormone levels (synthroid) right. It took them 2 years to get mine right which was way too long.

I also had to have a lot of radioactive iodine surgery as well since my upper chest still "lit up" in the scans and had to spend all of that time in a hypothyroid state which is just awful.

May I ask, what part of the world/country are you in? I'm in the US, Chicago area.

I ask because the standards of care with this can vary widely.

I was on heavy pain meds in the hospital after the surgery and then still for 6-8 weeks afterwards. It is a very serious surgery.

I suggest before you try to manage this all on your own and possibly run into legal issues or worse yet, some unknown complications because your doctors are not aware of how you are trying to help yourself with this, that you get another doctor's opinion.

I am a big believer in 2nd opinions and it can never hurt and you have that right (depending on insurance, etc. of course). Be completely honest about everything and if you feel you are not be heard, get another doctor's opinion!

Please let me know or PM me if there is anything I can help you with! This is really really hard to go through and I would love to try to help you in any way I can!
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Were right here with you Marylynne
Every soul is like a raindrop that falls from the sky into one vast ocean of consciousness. Most raindrops hit the surface and make a small ripple that fades away ... but some ripples become waves.

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