Final phase of my daughters passing

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I'm so very glad to read this post MIR
That is a lovely photo

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A Day at a Time
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Originally Posted by Hevyn View Post
Such a wonderful and touching post, MIR. I'm so glad to know that you feel happiness once again. Seeing the picture of your adorable daughter touched me so much. She certainly resembles you (but prettier, of course ) I love it that you wanted to share her with us. God bless you.
Definitely prettier thank God but yes she looked a lot like me and was a lot like me minus the alcoholism. She was what I should have been at her age. When I was 28 I was well on my way to being a full blown alcoholic.

Thanks for the kind words
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Thanks for the beautiful and inspirational post, MIR.

What a lovely photo of two simply beautiful people. Thanks for sharing that with us.
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No words for what you've gone through but the fact that you have maintained sobriety through it is truly a strong story.

Thanks for sharing
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I'm glad you've hung in and stayed the course, MIR. Living sober is a great tribute to your daughter. I think grief is like a scar; it will fade to the point where it's barely noticeable but it will probably never completely go away. Probably it's supposed to be that way.
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Thank you for sharing that, MIR. Beautiful.

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Thank you, MIR, for the lovely post and photo.
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Do your best
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Reading through this again I truly think anyone who has been something similar will be helped by this thread & your story Mir
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((((((((Big hugs to you)))))))))))
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No words will suffice...but
thank you for reminding us of things that really matter so honestly and beautifully.
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Glad you're in a happier place MIR!!
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