Going Out Tonight

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I'm glad you had a trouble free night SiS

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2 weeks
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Yay, ell done SiS.

(ps. He sounds like a keeper!)
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Way to go, SiS.
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SIS that's wonderful to hear, so glad you had a great night.
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I back up Venecia's post SiS I'm glad you stayed sober as was your intention but yeah its a bit risky if you had cravings a few days ago I'm glad it went well tho
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Great posts.

I definitely was the drinks pusher, and still sometimes am. Not for myself of course, but for others. I think on some level I still equate alcohol with fun. Stupid I know but old habits die hard.

What a gift to see your friend in this whole new light. makes you wonder what other surprises are out there.

A dear friend of mine who is much braver than I, said she greets each day wondering what surprises it will be, and welcoming them.

Boy do I hope to get there.
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Thanks, everyone. I guess the lesson learned is that there is that once we stop forcing alcohol into every corner of our lives and all our relationships, we may see that we already have much more of a "sober life" available to us than we realized!
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