Delilah and all January 1st SR peeps have 30 Days!!!

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Delilah and all January 1st SR peeps have 30 Days!!!

Good Morning,

I hope that everyone's weekend is off to a great start. I am excited to be celebrating 30 days today. It isn't my first 30 days, but it is the last time I am planning to have this milestone, all future milestones will be larger numbers!

I know many of us started out that New Year committing to sobriety, I am glad to be in this journey with you.

Thank you to everyone on SR for always being so supportive, I appreciate your stories, both the celebratory and the struggles.

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Congrats Delilah!
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Congrats, Delilah!
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Congrats on the first of many sober months.
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Congratulations Delilah!
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Congratulations Delliah
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Yeah!!!! wishing you many more to come

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Congratulations, Delilah, on one fantastic sober month. May it be the first of a thousand.
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Way to go Delilah!!
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Fantastic Delilah!!
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Bravo, Delilah!

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Many congrats to you Delilah and all your January teammates

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Nice work, Delilah - you're doing this! Congrats to all who share this anniversary - it's something to be so proud of.
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