Strong cravings, 46 days

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Strong cravings, 46 days

Today is my 46th day sober and for some reason I'm experiencing STRONG cravings tonight. The strongest craving I've had since the first week of sobriety. I've felt it building for a couple of days and it really peaked tonight. Do y'all get these strong of cravings so long after the last drink?

Anyway, I'm not going to drink. I just sharpened one of my knives (sounds weird, but sharpening knives has a calming affect on me! Haha) and now I'm brewing some sleepy time tea. Hopefully by tomorrow the urge will have subsided. In the morning I will be so grateful for my sobriety.
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Yes, I have, but sounds like you've got it covered. Keep sharpening and enjoy the sleepy time. You will be glad tomorrow. All normal.
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I'm glad you got through OK Josh. Sometimes upcoming milestones give people the heebie jeebies...just keep doing what you've been doing the last 46 days and you'll be fine
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I'm 10 months today (only just realised that) and sometimes I still get a craving out of nowhere and it feels pretty powerful. I think to myself, well do I really want to do that first week again? Risk drinking again for another 10 years? ect...... The craving might not go straight away, but my resolve not to cave gets big and strong again.
Cravings are a lot less these days, but I guess after many many years of drinking, they'll be around for a while yet. We can do this, our sober muscles are getting good.
Stay well.
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Do your best
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Congrats Josh on day 46
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When I think about drinking I "try" to do two things.

First, remind myself that this indicates I really do have an issue even though most of the time not drinking is easy.

Second, try and figure out where it is coming from. Usually it tells me something about myself -- that something is making me afraid, helpless, profoundly uncomfortable.

And by confronting that fear, it instantly seems more manageable.

And sometimes I cry.

But I don't drink.
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Hang in there, everyone here knows it can be tough especially in the first few months. Have you tried drinking lemon extract added to water or juice. It has helped me with some cravings in the past.
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Day 46 is fantastic Josh!! Keep pushing through!!
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My cravings got worse as I got some time under my belt. I went to more meetings, ran a lot, took my dogs hiking, basically anything to distract myself. Eventually the cravings started to subside. I am sure they will do the same for you
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