Cravings after exercise?

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You might be trying to reward yourself if cravings keep happening maybe lightening your workout is in order until you figure it out
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In the early days I interpreted all kinds of things as an alcoholic craving...thats's where mnemonics like HALT come in handy

H.A.L.T. (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired): A Self-Care Tool ~ Gudrun Zomerland, MFT
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Yeah, I get cravings some times after working out. I always figured it's because I dehydrate quickly and need to drink a lot of water during my workouts. I always fill my water bottle before leaving the gym and drink it on the way home. That usually takes care of it, but just in case I also keep orange juice at home, so I can drink something healthy and sweet. This plan works for me. John
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I get this sometimes! I thought I was the only one,still need a smoke after exercise which baffles my husband😊
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Originally Posted by Winslow View Post
I get this sometimes! I thought I was the only one,still need a smoke after exercise which baffles my husbanddde0a
I used to LOVE a cigarette after the gym ( 6 years ago). It is strange but obviously you are not alone!
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It's that achievement/reward thing . . . "I've just exercised, made my body more healthy, so I know what I'll do, let's pour alcohol into that body and I'll feel even more great"

We gotta get away from this link between reward and alcohol, it's a fairy tale and a myth, one that alcohol wants to keep alive and well!!

Keep pushing through Sunflowerlife!!
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